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I'm offended you categorized me with everyone, ya fawk

I can't do main event moto. That guy with the deep voice bugs the shit out of me and his voice is terrible to listen to. Same with dmxs. Whiskey throttle is OK, I don't like the promotion ... more »
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Awesome video. Yikes on the last soundtrack.

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The kid did awesome today

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Interesting they thought the benefit was that crucial to remove the rear rotor guard on all of those models. I always replace them with a carbon version and it gets beat up good, I'd be scared to ride where I do with out one.

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Man I miss that chest protector look.

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Eh not entirely, you must have missed when he was making it a struggle for Eli to get by. I haven't watched the broadcast yet, but Joey was definitely racing him.

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I was there, the track was tough. It looked like he was fighting the track a bit and couldn't find the flow. It looked like he was trying but wasn't enough to do more than what it did.

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That was incredible, I had chills watching from the stands. The crowd was loud, the energy was intense. Afterwards people were chanting eli on the way out in the stadium halls. Huge stoke amongst the fans. I'm sad SLC lost it to Denver but the Stadium/experience was much better in Denver. Worth the 8hr drive.

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All the tracks have been like whoop jumping this year, basic, small, nothing to seperate guys. The track that did, Tomac killed the field because he could do stuff that's different that the other guys didn't think of or couldn't do. I believe he gets ... more »

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I want to be GuyB's sidekick. I'd probably pay him too he's such a legend

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If there were racing and a scene here in Utah I'd pick one up tomorrow. They are so dang fun. I rode the heck out of my modded 50 back in early/mid 2000's.

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It honestly depends where your skill level is at and knowing where your weaknesses are. Generalized tips are pretty vague. If you don't know the basics of turning you won't ever be able to go fast. Know the difference of how the bike reacts to a sitting ... more »

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Hopefully they can build a set of whoops that aren't jumpers?

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You can be a good guy and be shitty at interviewing people. Most the questions he calls into pulp to ask people are worse than the "I should have called Randy Richardson" mexico tire story.

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Those alternate lines by Desale at 4:50 were awesome. Looks like a very racey track that has a lot of passing options.

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Lower peg position, shroud extenders, raised levers, both broncos fans, got it. Thanks for the tech. I believe these are the trickest bikes in the pits and the most prestigious team to wrench for, wish he would have gave us a little more tech :/

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MX race formats need to be looked at, there's so much that could be improved. For one, it sucks spending a whole day to spin two 5-10 minute moto's that can be 6 hrs apart that cost you $45 and whatever other mandatory membership you need for the day ... more »