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Dayum RV is good

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I enjoyed her, the lucas oil girls were great!

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Not a favorite but a memorable, I was getting ready to leave washougal on my klr650 to head back to utah, I wanted to see tomac come by one last time when Jr hill got out of line and sent it into the tree

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I just watched my first race on Flo, not live. The re-watch was terrible. In the first moto's it's like they knew where the action was and put 10 little ceazars ad's in each moto during the highlights, including Jett's podium interview. Great missed ... more »

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I can't imagine the state of emotion.. just went beast mode, caught and passed chase like he was riding slow and he somehow latched on, rode my hardest never broke him, won the race and was victorious, lindsay trying to get scoops, my body just wanting to rest. haha. Great job holding it down Eli that was one heck of a performance between the two of them.

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In the moment I didn’t feel the vibe that Eli wanted to talk about it much more so I didn’t press much. His dad explained his thoughts in the interview I did with him a few weeks ago. One of the next rounds I’ll re-approach...more

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When's he comin back?

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Weege said in his post southwick show he talked to star and they're hoping he can race the last 4 rounds. But maybe less.

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They're still not! What the hell. I gave up hope and watched some terrible screen recorded stream of it on youtube. Could barely tell who was who at times lol. Gonna have to re watch it when it's up on MavTV...

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So can I still watch through the mavtvplus website? I click watch here for practice and nothing comes up.

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FYI camping there is terrible. Idiots are up until sunrise partying and making as much noise as they can there's zero respect for others. Might not be bad in a camper but in a tent with earplugs, I probably got 2hrs of sleep at most.

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His knowledge was good, but the enthusiasm and excitement dept was lacking imo it's like it was a calm quiet golf announcer or something, not my fav but that's alright.

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2005 Kawasaki KX250
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Nice! In 2017 I rode my klr 650 from utah to hangtown to watch the national and made a 7 day trip out of it. I checked out the golden gate bridge and rode up the pacific highway. In 2018 I rode back to where I left off on my ride up the coast, explored ... more »

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I guess concussions aren't an injury? Grinds my gears these riders always just dismiss them

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Great interviews ML, you always have great questions and get the riders to open up and think. Keep up the good work.

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I couldn't even get the app to work. Luckily the fb live was decent with no commercials. Just stupid stacyc and rider bio's mid race and of course all of the action happens when they decide to play this nonsense. There's no excuses for their 'overload' ... more »