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New thread Shane McElrath 3/23/2019 10:49 PM

Does anyone know what happened w/ him? RC and Ralph said something about a possible injury? Can anyone confirm that?

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New thread Nico Rosberg retiring??? 12/2/2016 6:19 AM

Just saw a news feed (from Speed channel) on my Facebook page with a press release about it. Say it isn't so???

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New thread Alex Martin 4/22/2015 7:31 AM

If Alex keeps riding the way he has been for the rest of the year (remaining SX rounds & outdoors); does anyone forsee him going to one of the major (Star Racing, Geico, etc...) 250 teams in 2016?

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New thread Standout riders so far... 1/13/2015 5:17 PM

Who has impressed you so far in SX (250 West or 450) and why? Who do you see as contenders for a #1 Plate?

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New thread Opinions on Building an AR (Firearms Question) 8/17/2014 9:32 AM

Got a question for you all that are gun guys; I was looking online at those kits where you can build an AR. I don't consider myself a skilled wrench, but it looks like something that would be enjoyable. I could get parts little by little (when I could ... more »

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New thread Lewis Hamilton 7/28/2014 7:57 AM

Anyone watch the F1 Race yesterday on here? Does anyone here fall into the "conspiracy theory" idea that Mercedes is favoring Rosberg over Hamilton? IMO, Hamilton has had the worst luck this season. Ironically, he has been driving the best he had in ... more »

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New thread Mitch has to be content tonight... 2/15/2014 9:24 PM

Considering the rough start he got off to in the 250SX West series; sure he is glad to sweep the podium at Dallas. His rookie won his first heat and SX main in the same night as well. Davalos and Baggett obviously did well too. Surprised more folks aren't ... more »

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New thread The Desert 100 in Odessa Washington 10/10/2013 4:11 PM

I really didn't want to start a topic in the Moto thread due to this not being related to SX/MX, but I just happened to run across it online. Looked at some videos of it on YouTube and it really looks like a cool race. Is there anyone on here from the ... more »

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New thread Eleven10 Mods Switching to Yamaha for '13 Rumor??? 10/14/2012 2:31 PM

I saw this on the Racer X website and was wondering if anyone on here can confirm anything. I know there are some folks in here (that post) that know folks in the industry or have ties to those folks and wonder if they can confirm anything. Also, how ... more »

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New thread Here's a Loaded Question... 2/23/2012 9:05 AM

With Mike Alessi and Josh Hansen putting in solid results this season (so far), if they were to continue doing so till seasons' end, do you see them getting offers to go a factory team of some sort next year??? Not trying to start a shit-storm, but just ... more »

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New thread What's on your Ipod??? 11/13/2011 12:00 PM

Thought this would be a good topic to start; Me...I have everything from Led Zep to Fear Factory on it. What say you???

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New thread Comments D. Pingree Made on last podcast (w/ J. Weigandt and S. Matthes) about Broc Tickle 10/6/2011 9:44 AM

Saw the other topic identifiying this question in regards to Ping's comment. Didn't see it there when I posted...

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