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The track was creative (but not without flaws) and I would have eliminated the freestyle competition and the amateur racing. I would have like to seen a 125 race/shootout for the privateer racers to fill in the gaps of the amateur races and freestyle ... more »

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I agree w/ the post that mentioned above: 15% to his mechanic and 15% to his trainer; that sounds fair to me. But then again, I didn't win a million bucks last night either nor am I capable of making a SX main event...

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If James can get his bike dialed in (Whatever brand it may be...) and come in healthy (mentally and physically) he is still a contender for race wins/championships. He hasn't gotten slower, the other guys (Villopoto, Dungey, Canard) have gotten faster. ... more »

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For whatever reason; I'm sure J-Law is done w/ racing. Unlike some racers that took a sabbatical and came back at a later time, he's stayed off the radar and probably just wants to move on with his life. That's my .02 on the situation...

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Where would you go? Baugio? Manilla? A.C.? Cebu?

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Is Glenn Aguliar still involved in MX down there? Last I heard KTM (seriously) was sending him bikes and parts down there. He was their main guy there in the PI for awhile. He'd go race in places like Guam and Thailand back in the day and clean up.

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I've heard of well to do parents in Europe that pay obscene amounts of money to get their kids on established teams. Dunno if anyone else on here has heard the same. Honestly, if they (the Alessi Family) could get something put together for Mike, with ... more »

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With the economy in it's current state; unless they wanna work out of a box van and can piecemeal some $$$ bucks from their current sponsors, that's all they're gonna be able to do. Why would they wanna pay someone over a half-million to ride for their ... more »

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As with some of the others posting on here, wouldn't be realistic to run a series like this one off race, but...since a lot of the factory riders aren't participating for whatever reason, it gives a lot of privateers/second-tier racers a chance to make ... more »

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From the interviews w/ Ezra I've read in the last few years, it sounds like he really doesn't miss racing all that much. He did it for years and pretty sure he enjoys the time off and relaxing w/ his family and friends. Life is like that sometimes... ... more »

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That's funny!!!!

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Dunno if he'll be a winner, but if he's training and riding like everyone says he is; he could suprise everyone and put in a strong finish if he shows up. I'd expect him to finish between 5-10th place. Just my opinion...

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Listened to a podcast w/ Tony Alessi and things sound good w/ the privateer Suzuki effort. He said that Mike looked good on the bike and was really happy w/ the bike. Did a money race around Reno NV and had a good time. I wouldn't expect Mike to set ... more »

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Saw the other topic identifiying this question in regards to Ping's comment. Didn't see it there when I posted...

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