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For me, it was the 1986 Honda CR 125. That was the bike I wanted during my teenage years. The fact that Micky Dymond won a title on it and Johnny O' killed it at the MXdN on that bike sealed the deal for me.

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He did a good job of running towards the front, and even after his SNAFU, did a good job recovering and staying in it for a top 10 finish.

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Have to agree; thought he was gonna win tonight.

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Dunno why Tomac was put out by Barcia. Barcia is still in this (points wise); he needs to earn positions and move forward too.

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I wish you well well on your quest for another pup.

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That shit hurts to hear, and as others have talked about, you gave her comfort and love at the end, which she deserves. Condolences to you.

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Even if she was only worth $100 Million, she could still buy you a new bike, A-Kit suspension to go on said bike, and a bad ass custom sprinter van to haul it around in. Plus a mechanic to work on the bike while you enjoy fine wine and cheeses between ... more »

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Who thinks Davalos is going to be a bit faster than normal tomorrow? I like Barcia, but he better watch hisself tomorrow; might get clipped by Martin.

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I hope all parties involved can resolve this amicably; it would be a shame if lawyers have to get involved.

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For everyone bitching about the camo designs on certain team bikes, or if they're "authentic" or the Military Industrial Complex: Lighten up!!! The teams/individuals involved in this just wanna show their appreciation to the military folks, especially ... more »

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I hope he can get on with JGR Suzuki and get back to racing, regardless of where he could finish. If it comes to fruition; sure he'll be a top 10 guy towards the end of the season.

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Think Vettel might be ready to retire as well. Would like to see Riccardo in a competitive car again. Think he has a few more wins in him. Sucks to see him in a mid pack (at best) car.

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Webb is starting to pick it up, and within a race or two will go on a win streak of his own; therefore closing the points gap, and making the racing even more interesting. It's going to be a good season for fans.

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I think at the end of last year, JGR found what they were looking for (power wise) out of their 250f's. Now...if they can get the suspension/handling sorted out, cause it looks like he's fighting the bike out on the track.

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Have to agree, and there's (IMO) 10-12 guys that could win a SX race on any given day. The last 2-3 seasons have had a deep talent pool in the 450 class. And the racing was good tonight, all the way to 10th-11th place.

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He is in survival mode now; give it a few races and he'll have to buckle down. But...he's capable of making a comeback and having a chance of retaining his SX title; even in this deep of a field.

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Agree 100%; he has went from barely making the night show to a top 15 guy. And he has mellowed out his antics on the racetrack, and it honestly shows in his results. I hope he has a successful and injury free 2020 season. 👍

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NOTE: If there are any discrepancies/errors, please correct. I believe there were a few reasons. One, him and Mike Kiedrowski hated each other and I think the team manager (Roy Turner?) favored Kiedrowski. Plus, Larocco had his dad as a mechanic and ... more »

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If we're talking MX/SX, Ron Lechien hands down. If we can bring in off road, I'd say Ty Davis, cause he could be competitive and win on both coasts, plus still haul @$$ in the desert; and he was also competitive in MX/SX as well.

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There's a lot of reasons the 1000 isn't mainstream popular anymore IMO. Yes, desert racing is obviously a regional sport. However, years ago; it got mainstream coverage, and OEM's were actively involved. Not just Motorcycles, but automotive OEM's as ... more »