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I'm ashamed of how that race went down with James Stewart! It was an obvious set up to crash and act like he was hurt! It's way too obvious that he wasn't trying to race or finish the race. James, I have always had your back but the political games need to stop. Stop playing games and race. Show heart! If you cant do that any more, just retire and let it go! You have been disappointing your fans for too long! No excuse for pretending to want to race. Be a man and man up and race. Stop avoiding responsibilities to your team and your fans!

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That's Stewart's third straight, not second!

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You can see what caused Stewart to fall. He was slightly behind Seely and somehow Stewart and Seely rubbed causing Stewart to veer to the left in front of Josh Hill's line causing Hill to hit Stewart. Damn, if Stewart was in front of Seely, it wouldnt happen. And to think Seely got third! Stewart had a chance to catch up on points on Villipoto. Oh well!

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The Phoenix Supercross is on the 12th of January, not the 19th! Get it right fellas!

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