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I think he's spot on here. Especially how 450's have outgrown supercross stadiums. The faster bikes go the narrower the tracks become relative to the speeds, which make them more one lined.

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I'm not a fan of excuse making either, but the way Ken and other riders "make excuses" is actually an optimistic way to view the situation from a psychological standpoint based on research. If someone were to internalize their poor performance (e.g., ... more »

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Did anyone notice him overjump the finish line either on the first lap of his heat or main (I cannot remember). Jason overjumped and landed flatbottom between the doubles. I was like, HOLY S! Edit: I went back and watched it. It was Dean Wilson that ... more »

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Heck guys, electric? If we’re going to abandon our fossil fuels we should at least be considering clean burning propane.

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Look guys. Tomac is still in this title fight. That’s all that matters

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Despite the tens of millions of spectators which have attended monster truck events over the past 40 years, there have been few accidents which have resulted in injuries or fatalities. On January 16, 2009, at a Monster Jam event in Tacoma, Washington ... more »

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If that wasn't the nail in the coffin I don't know what is. What Webb said: He ragged on himself about having such a bad day, then ended on how gaining points on a dad day is always a good thing. What was meant:: Man, this points cushing sure feels nice.

... more »

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1-800-Collect Honda graphics kit for my 1996 CR80. No improvements in regards to lap times but I did feel faster jk

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I totally see your point though and I have thought the exact same thing. I also believe Chase and James are aiming to race for supercross championships in the future. He is not going to settle being a top ten or top five rider. It blows he has been getting ... more »

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I like berms but I'm also a fan of one flat 180 corner on tracks where guys can go inside and double, then outside and triple. It also makes for good racing. You can just fly 30mph around a flat turn unless there is a Pastrana style berm on the outside ... more »

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Maybe he plans on peaking for Outdoors? Not sure when his contract is up, but if he wants another outdoor title he needs to be healthy at round #1.

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True, I forgot to include Sexton when I was thinking of the results typing the sentence. It doesn't change my point. Which is that it was a slick track with similar lap times (all the qualifying times they showed on the broadcast were in the 44 second ... more »

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Kroc did not crack He could have thrown all caution to the win and tried to run Cooper down but the risk of ending up on the dirt and outside the top five were too high. This race came down to the start and Cooper nailed it. Seeing the rut Ken started ... more »

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Agreed Looked like he was in the process of rebooting while still trying to get off the track. Quite disturbing to watch...

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Well, sounds like they worked on "fear of failure" this week. Yup... He seemed pretty calm and positive on the podium. Hopefully, he can turn it around these next two races.

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Well, they got rid of the concussion program and it didn't help any that MM looked completely knocked out. Could be a fluke, so I'm going to keep my eye out to see if there is a pattern. I like that they did mention he had stiches.

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Dude, his level of stoke is through the roof and makes for great interviews! He had me laughing out loud all the way through it. The mullet and moustache rock. Kind of reminds me of Bradshaw.

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That is forking awesome! I absolutely love it.

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For Ken to make a comeback after 2017 shows how incredibly resilient he is. I admire the hell out of the guy and want to see him get a SX championship before he retires. Overall, Ken is working as excellent as his factory Honda. All these racers are ... more »

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Possibly, but only Ken would know the answer to that. Anything triggering is something unprocessed. For example, when I was trained in one of the few evidence based models approved by the V.A. for veterans I had to have something of my own reprocessed. ... more »