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I believe myself, and many other motocross enthusiast would admire him sooo much more as a racer. Than perhaps, saying, "I'm racing for the fans." Then bailing out once the real agenda falls out of whack. Everyone knows he's not 100%, and the bike isn't ... more »

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Alright, way to go Roger!

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Motives for coming back: - Racing the Des Nations - Filming a Reality TV Show at the Des Nations Reasons not for coming back: - The Fans - Doesn't want to get smoked by Dungey

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For the fans my ass! I guess getting beat by Dungey wouldn't make for good reality TV. If anyone cares to read a revised version of his letter I made, click the link below. I called it "The official Rough Draft". I think it's pretty funny to read, especially ... more »

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I wish I had a decent reply to bump this back up without it being so obvious, but I don't. People just need to watch the video. It's just that good, and I kind of prefer it over the E60 episode.

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I really like how James effortlessly passed 40 riders in the Millville Sandwoops.

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Here's a pretty sweet video (minus the poor quality) of James Stewart from the ESPN show, " Timeless ". I'm hoping this James Stewart is the one that shows up to Southwick Saturday.

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Seriously! I wonder what the sign said? And personally, I miss having a human with a pair of testicles out in front of the gate before it drops. I know the Monster Girls with their tits and all are great, but watching that video was very nostalgic.

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An even cooler clip(s) is his entire "Perfect" 1998 supercross season in the video room.

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That's where the national needs to be!

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You hit the nail on the head. Doesn't this remind you of RC, though? I'm just speculating, but I think RC has taught Ryan Dungey things that took him years and years to learn.

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Seriously! That thing looks five stories tall!

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I don't care to make any predictions, besides the fact Bubba will be back! Reasons I believe this: - James doesn't necessarily have to have a completely dialed in bike, like say a Chad Reed, to haul the mail. - His bike should be considerably better ... more »

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Isn't this guy Ronnie Mac? How in the same hell could anybody fire Ronnie Mac?

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Skip Norfolk jk I wonder what that guy is up to now, though?

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A lot of stereotyping going on... I think it's incredibly awesome, and I would like to be a part of their "urban dirt scoot" club for one day. They're just out having fun riding, having the same experience you guys do on a track. Just in a different ... more »

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LOL, that was good