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Pretty sure I've seen that bottom dog on The NeverEnding Story.

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Bingo. When you compare the composure and maturity of him and Sexton. Sexton seems likes he’s in his mid twenties where Austin just got a driver’s license. I like both of them but I think Austin’s ego gets in his way.

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I think height plays a big part. Guys like RC could stand with a slight bend in his knees where tall guys like Travis P199 had to keep his bent around 125 degrees. My unprofessional advice would be to get some taller bars or bar mounts along with the ... more »

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He was probably upset he lost to Cooper and his mind picked something to direct the feelings to. A dog.

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haha agreed. For some reason it made me think of a real life Boomhauer from King of the Hill jumping a lawn mower lol. I'm surprised it made the Tosh show. I spent hours at this youtube channel five years ago when I discovered it. I had not been back ... more »

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Full send!!! 🏴‍☠️ 🇨🇦 Hip hip!

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Jenna Jameson??

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How did that comment get two thumbs down? Listen to David describe RC at Anaheim when RC charged through the pack to dethrone McGrath.

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As David Bailey would say, “This guy is getting away with murder.”

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Bummed to hear. I can’t imagine what that’s like. Prayers and good vibes your way.

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I am glad to hear he is okay. I love watching him race in the States and the Des Nations. Other than that I don't know much about the guy besides the fact he can haul! Is he kind of comparable to James Stewart? Blazing fast but often ends up crashing ... more »

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Wow! Looks like when the bike hit the dirt it accelerated forward allowing his ass to land right where it needed. Greg Albertyn is stoked!

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Difference between Ferrandis and Barcia is that one is racing for a title. DF gets aggressive, but he doesn’t seem to repeatedly knife across the track just to take someone out. I’m sure someone could find a video and argue he does, but it is the exception ... more »

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What impresses me more is it will be his first premier class championship! I say that in a good way. Who says you can’t teach an older dog new tricks?

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Great press release. RC seems very loyal to the team that gave him a chance when Honda threw in the towel on the guy. I'm excited to see what RC has in store for the future.

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Wishing you a speedy recovery. Here is my recommendation based on one of my hospitalizations: go to YouTube and watch the entire 1994 125cc championship (or perhaps any season you may have not have watched every round of). I missed a lot of that series ... more »

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I started listening to episode one today and am loving it. You and GL are the best.

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Before anyone cracks a joke, realize this could be you or your best friend on any day at the track, on the interstate, or walking across the street. Life can change in an instant. Is there any confirmation on the status of this man? The comments on social ... more »

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What happened? I couldn’t tell he did anything wrong.

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Great article! Way to go DC!