Added reply in a thread JETT going green in 2021? 10/16/2020 6:05 AM

Just because there is a blue logo on his gear, doesn’t mean it’s a yamaha logo. There’s also a big green monster claw, does that mean he’s riding a Kawi? I’m sure Jett will be factory HRC with astars gear and monster claw on the helmet. Kinda a bummer, ... more »

Added reply in a thread Dean Wilson Signs 1 Year Contract Extension w/ Rockstar Husqvarna 9/4/2020 4:02 PM

I’m glad Bobby re-signed him.... oh wait.

Added reply in a thread Open letter from RIcky Carmichael 8/27/2020 8:34 AM

Kawi had MC/RV at the same time, they’re not afraid of two brand ambassadors. Maybe MC is transitioning to stepping away from moto, RC going to take his place. Plus I’m sure Kawi would like to have someone in the booth with some kx affiliation

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Shift MX to come back as Shift CBD in 2022.

Added reply in a thread The bolt tightener guy at Husqvarna might lose his job. 6/21/2020 3:04 PM

Also pissed at forkner for KO’ing himself, now I can’t hear any of the husky guys on the podium. Damnit.

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PS4 If there hasn’t been a winner yet?

Added reply in a thread Moto Fite Klub 5/12/2020 8:30 AM

I’m sitting up on the hill waiting for the guys to get on the track. I’ll post some pics for you guys when they come out.

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PR2 has tons of experience, they do great work. I was always happy with their performance. One of the best in the country for sure.

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Definitely need more water. Rutted tracks always start out a little muddy.

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I don’t care what anyone says, Vegas 2017 will be one of the most entertaining races I’ve ever seen.

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I wish these guys would be able to and willing to take a year or two off. Reset, live a non-racing life, I would say join the real world but that wouldn’t happen lol..., then come back refreshed for a few more years.

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For the people complaining about the weather at redbud for MXdN, I was in a wheelchair and had to trudge through that shit. Get over it. I was blown away by the atmosphere of that race. Been there multiple times for the National, and as fun as those ... more »

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I was going to say the same thing for Oakland, I couldn’t hear anything Reed was saying in the booth.

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That matte TLD helmet is unreal!!!

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Any reason why not at Indy? The only race close to me with a pit area... ugh.

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What updates/DLC would be coming for the special edition of the game? I hate spending $80 on a game that will just be played for a year then never touched again. What will the DLC be? Is it worth pulling the trigger or should I just buy the $60 game?? ... more »

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And here we go

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I miss this game so much.

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I don’t see any new sponsors on that bike tho...

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It’s amazing how this event manages to ruin my day every year.