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That's so cool I had to do it. 41 years ago could push out the garage and go ride . I don't even remember why I wanted to ride - no one I knew rode anything. I remember that I had posters all over my room of the late-70s moto heros and was dying to emulate

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Do 2-3 sets, 10 min each, 2x a week with a posthole digger and a T-stake driver. its how I start my moto Spring training since it’s really hard to get seat time in the PNW over the winter. Concept 2 and HIIT are my other 2 workouts. I don’t get arm pump ... more »

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Resurrecting this old one - I just moved the wheels, swingarm, and rear brake setup from our 2012 Kx100 BW to our 2018 Kx85 SW. It was a straight swap. Dogbones are same length. Easy. Anyone want to buy a KX100 small wheel? Great shape. 10oz Steahly ... more »

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And I'll go No, No, Yes, and Yes for the average Joe.

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WTF you want him to say? "Gawd, I hope I don't get my @ss kicked by too many 250 GP guys. They are so good! And those 450s? I'm gonna eat roost all day long. I think maybe I'll go curl up with a good book on European history (maybe a short one on French ... more »

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Him and JLaw are starting a band. The Washouts.

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I had a 1952 TO30 like that for my first track. They suck. No power steering makes them a bytch to drive with a full bucket. No down pressure on the bucket so hard to do faces right. 2WD spins when it's wet. Very basic and dumb PTO will kill you if you ... more »

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Hard no on a subcompact. They don't have a wide enough track to be stable on any side slope. Tilling a berm is enough to roll one, and that's a bad way to end up. I've rented a few smaller ones to till and came close to flipping a couple times. Scary ... more »

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Does it really matter? Unless you are pro (getting paid) who cares? I'm Novice speed most days, Intermediate on a really good one. But at 56 no one cares if I'm fast, not even me. To me a good day is a day where I'm riding smooth and safe all day. Some ... more »

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So, you gonna break it in at Mountainview tomorrow?

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Lay off the crack pipe, Swede.

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I just use a dremel with a cutting wheel to cut the screen out of the stock cage. 15 minute job. DT-1 makes an excellent filter too, and 40% off on many holidays. Ditto the Mika products. I've used both for many years on different bikes. Right now I'm ... more »

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I freaking love my FC350. I'm dropping a Radius CX in it next week, a Lucky system over the winter, and I'm gonna put 200 hours on it in the next 5 years. It's the perfect mix of rev and torque. Mike

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For the FC forks just install the MX Tech Lucky system. As good as SSS, if not better. M

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The Salem school system isn't the nation's strongest either.

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PM sent.

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Stock rads - 2013 CRF450r - $20 Stock cans - 2013 CRF450r - $50 GPI rads - 2010+ RMZ450 - $20 Front wheel (no spacers, new bearings) - 2010+ RMZ450 - $20 Spare Rim 1.60x14 - KTM65 - $20 Everything works/fits fine. Rads don't leak. Rim is true. You pay

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I don’t own any stock vehicle. I’m not sure I ever have. Guns either.

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I’m 56 and a fit 185. But I was never fast, and I never will be fast. I get passed by kids on 65s on occasion (Those bastards!). I hope he has a blast, qualifies, and finishes. I’d never even think of trying - props to him. If you ain’t trying, you might ... more »