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Lemme know Jeffro. The boy is outgrowing the 85 BW and can handle my FC350 fine. A 250 might be perfect for him, just step right past a 125/150. Hammer

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My boy on his 85. Never let off for a second......

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That's overkill on changes. I do my FC350 at 7-10 hours, with filter, and the oil is still very clean at 7, with only a little color at 10. These clutches run clean stock, and that's where most of the crap comes from as the friction plates wear. If you ... more »

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I remember reading that you don't want these full, but at 1/2 glass level. Too much crank splash at higher RPMs costs power or increases crankcase pressure. I think that's what I read. I run my 18 at 1/2. Hammer 663s

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I have that exact same setup on my 18 FC350 and it is freaking awesome. Transforms the bike. Hammer

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I herniated 2 in May (L3/4 and L4/5) and I've not been on the bike since. I'm doing PT and trying to get back to riding. Tough road at 57 years old. Fortunately I am pretty fit and strong from years of training so I hope that I can recover. Big jumps ... more »

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Started new thread PNW Track builder - new website 8/10/2020 11:53 AM Ben has built 2 tracks for friends of mine here in the Portland area, one of which I maintain and do all the finish work on. One is supercross style, and the other is a huge outdoor track up in the hills. Both are featured ... more »

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while putting away a little $$$ for new rear fender(s)....

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Not sure what's worse - the tweakers in MV/YC or the billion shit flies at Tulare DT1.

The Oatfield is the best NorCal track to camp at - middle of nowhere, fully fenced, and nothing like hearing the Azevedos starting prep at 0500 on race day ... more »
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First bike? How big is the kid? It can be a good bike depending on answers to those. If he's a newbie and under 5' forget it. If he's got some real seat time on 65s and is 5'+ and 90 lbs, it's a great bike. Add a Steahly heavy flywheel weight and (maybe) ... more »

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This. ^^^ It's not like they need to come off in one piece either. Drift and a small sledge, takes 10 minutes.

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Not me, but my boy at our track. He's now better than I, and has more style too. Besides, there's enough picuters of slow old guys in this post already. Hammer ... more »
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Cool thread. My 13 year old wants to find a KX125 for a rebuild. He's heading to high school this Fall (assuming it's open!) so maybe we can do this together as a project for him. Hammer

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Interesting build. More likely worth $7k than that KX125 I found last week.....

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I use a Jake Rake ( then we till. We are clay under good topsoil and we add a LOT of sawdust (that's a mill in the shot - $80 for 10 yards fresh fir sawdust!!!) when we rip. Once tilled it's like nothing you've ever ridden

... more »
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You are one stupid MoFo eh?

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Def not day of, before racing. Kills my legs and takes away the aggression. Have experienced enough times to know it's not a fluke for me. YMMV. Now after, once showered and relaxed, oh hell yeah. Especially if I rode well and the adrenaline is still ... more »

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A ruptured spleen killed our niece at 19. Quad crash, bled out internally before they could get her to a hospital. Our boy bruised his at 9 when he got taken out on a start. That was the day we decided that racing wasn't in the cards for us. Not worth ... more »

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Or this: