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Very good read. Shows the world of racing is contagious to people who have visions of grandeur for their children. Motor cycling, Motocross, carting, travel baseball, some people want to make their children stars and willing to spend the farm to achieve ... more »

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You and your family are in our thoughts. RIP MAX 211

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Well that is to bad they did not change up the track, was hoping they would make some changes to throw some curves at the pros. Have they at least added additional camera's for the viewing pleasure of the audience? It appeared that they had very few ... more »

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Your cat probably weighs more that you, ya skinny bastard! Hammer!

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KTM will meet your needs and very reliable! HAMMER

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Way to "Man Up".... Enuf Sed

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The real question is, "why are you asking questions like my 4 year old grand son?" Dude that is a lot of questions! And in what business model do you see Kawasaki winning at the MXDN game? enuf sed HAMMER

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Been there done that! FLA had a pretty strong presence on the site. Lot's of people enjoying the same things! Lot's of good times and memory's. Hammer

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Please just tell them to hold their line. If someone can pass them, that is racing, but blocking will end with injury or conflict. The creative riders will find ways around slower riders, but blocking riders change the completion of the race.

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OldTiddler, track for the MXGP was very good for racing action. No you will not have much of a view except for what is right in front or you will see the table top's... hopefully they will install large video screens through out the complex, for instant ... more »

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Newmann, I believe it was RV who made the 77 shock changes in a season. But home schooling does not seem to have hurt either riders bank accounts. Enuf sed! HAMMER

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2008 KTM 530 excr. Mainly ride the forest & off road. Periodically ride the road with some friends. Gman, Old Blue is still in the garage, it needs a oil and filter change... you want to ride?

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813--493--8738 still in the phone....

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Great story, thank you for sharing. And you did the noble thing not going over!

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STFU NEWBIE! Go shovel the snow out of your drive way! Enuf sed!

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BlueLion, thank you very much for the pictures and posting them. It may have saved me from attending a couple of SX's, it was like a nice walk through the pits. No need to do Tampa and Daytona now! With your pictures, pit bits, and "the good, the bad ... more »

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How about a little self promotion, earn a better ride, earn more personnel sponsors. Life will provide lot's of opportunities to have to over come "obstacles"... Figure it out, or go back to mommy and daddy! "Love or hate what I have to say. Its the ... more »

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Would be nice to see him have a good run the next couple of races and build some confidence. He is a top three guy when he is at a track he likes.

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Yes... Enuf sed!

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Good answer, but quite yelling! enuf sed