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FTE that one actually needs twice pipes, but I see what you did there.....

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Guessing he twisted it when putting new bars on.

Added reply in a thread Acromioclavicular seperation how many of you have had this?/New helmet question (page 2, bottom.) 4/12/2020 6:07 AM

Third degree separation in 1999. Did it at Hardrock in Ocala on vacation. Rested for a week went home and back to work. Only thing that still gives me problems is low shoulder makes my shirts fit funny. Now it still hurts like the first time if I crash ... more »

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It’s bad luck to be superstitious.

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Like my old cycle news sticker says” We don’t care how the hell they do it in California.” Land of fake t!ts and real @ssholes.

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I’m tired of the collection of mamas boys racing and watching. Nothing wrong with what Frenchie did but I still would boo him just like I booed JMB, DV and Jean Girard when he beat Ricky Bobby.

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I bought one last year from pro circuit. They were out of stock and taking orders with no arrival date. They take your card info but don’t charge you until it ships. Don’t think I waited more than two weeks before they called and said it was ready for ... more »

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I’d have to agree with Lechien but I’d add Joel Robert and JMB as well.

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Stop posting the clown car mashups from the 90’s until present. Beautiful bikes ended with the production rule.
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It is amazing how easy it is to go fast on the four strokes. My vet comeback was made in 99 on the YZ400. The biggest benefit was the lack of vibration my hands no longer went numb (reason for quitting). I still love my two strokes but just can’t ride ... more »

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Fine you want to sneak out and try to get away with it. Don’t act like a whiny little bitch when caught. Man up and pay the difference.

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You usually lose the farm trying to make it in motocross...not save it.

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89 then 90 250, what’s your favorite candy bar list have as #1&2 left and right Twix.

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The radios were used by team Kawasaki in the late 80’s. REACT was the name and Cole Braun from Wisconsin was involved with them. Shortly after they were used the AMA banned them.

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Now look at them yo-yos that’s the way you do it. Amazing can’t find the wrench I just put down but lyrics from a song I haven’t heard in 30 years are still there..

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“Slow down you’re going 90mph”,me : “but how can I see what bike it is?”

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Thinking that ‘pulse charge’ kx xr engine was an article in the old motocross journal magazine. The head sat backwards so the crankcase could pressurize a tube type manifold connected to the intake valve. Fuel entered via the case reed kx bottom end. ... more »

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Fantasyland, only place US riders beat the gp riders this era.

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My dad bought a camcorder back in the 80’s and recorded one of my races. It was painful to watch. Told him never do that again. 30 years later I regret it as I only have about 30 minutes of me racing. No way I’d video myself now as I require professional ... more »

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Changed it to ‘of’ what’s next an ‘r’ in motocross.