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I have to side with Bruce. I have had more Suzuki's over the years than most, and really was leaning toward a new 2019, when I found a killer deal on my pumpkin. It's laughable how much better the KTM is over the Suzuki. Am I faster on it? Nah, probably ... more »

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I'm an EE in chip design. I manage a team that is designing the best microprocessor cores in the industry.

I'm a total gearhead at heart, but it pays the bills....
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I have run the Fastways on quite a few bikes. I went another direction on my current whip. Ordered up custom Raptors...the BennyBloss/Arminas Jasikonis edition... Will try them this weekend.

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The 2020 vented airbox covers are now available. I 'Think" the 2-stroke one is the same as the four stroke. No more needing to drill it out your self. Plus, the vents are a bit "louvered". Oh, and since noone else responded about the Raptor pegs. I haven't ... more »

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Probably some stupid Californicated law. I have Progressive in Texas, KTM 450 SXF. Insured for replacement cost, plus $3000. And if I add a-kit, I can up the $3K accessory coverage. Cost me a whopping $73/year.

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Hey quadz I would think (maybe wrong) that each brand having the helmets built by Topkey is responsible, or at least specifies, the quality control?

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Just have Jamie at Twisted work his magic on your oem ecu.

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7 1/2 years....whoa!

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Harry, I pulled them because I had a party to go to. Plus, the smoker I have right now is a piece of crap bullet smoker that requires constant attention, so would be impossible to let it go without babysitting it. Brisket will generally stall on temperature ... more »

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I throw a towel down in the bottom of an empty cooler, then the wrapped (in foil) briskets, then just throw another towel on top for good measure. Close the cooler, and let the meat rest, minimum of an hour, but I think two is better from what I have ... more »

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How do you guys embed the video? I used the "Video" button, and got the embed tags. But it didnt show up.

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What I like to begin my Punk playlists with.

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Sorry Harry. First time doing the mustard thing. Turned out pretty awesome. I cheated this time. Had some obligations so didnt have the time to babysit the smoker. Here's what I did: Smoked the two briskets at 230 for about 5 hours on the Fourth, until ... more »

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I've got a couple briskets on today (July 5th celebration with the extended family), and mustard rubbed one of them before adding my normal salt/pepper/paprika/chilipowder rub. First time doing it, but I have heard good things.

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Home schooling can be fine, and just as good/better than going to the brick and mortar school. However, from what I have surmised from talking to some of these kids at the track, some (50%???) are just being home schooled so they can ride all day and ... more »

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ARC Memlon are awesome. ARC is the original...ASV ripped him off. The ARC's feel MUCH better to the fingers as well. Have been using them for MANY years.

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All the chinese ones are crap. All Ballz, PivotWorks, etc. OEM is best, but can often times get a match on the bearing at a bearing supply house and get a Koyo (japanese) bearing, or the brand that makes SKF seals (cant remember it off-hand).

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HI have one somewhere in that range. I'll check the rate tomorrow. And I'm in Austin also.

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Send your ECU to Jamie at TwistedDevelopment. You could get it back in a week.

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Perfect condition Renthal Intellevers for newer KTMs. I got the bike with these on it. The brake side has the black cover, while clutch has beige cover. You can get new black cover for about $10. $100 obo shipped

... more »

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