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Unfortunately, people do that a lot.

Reply to Star protesting Gieco for fuel 6/28/2020 7:50 AM

I still find it strange that both Martin’s bikes blew up at high point. I was there and couldn’t believe it.

Reply to Leaving Mote due to injury, alternatives? 6/28/2020 7:43 AM

Get a pilots license.

Reply to What’s your favorite front tire? 6/21/2020 5:32 PM

I wish I could go back in time. I think it was a Dunlop K139. Anybody remember these?

Reply to Play stupid games, win stupid prizes 6/18/2020 7:42 PM


Reply to Dam, Webb's corners are tighter than a Cat's A**.... 6/18/2020 8:34 AM

You can’t drive a 4d nail up it with a sledge hammer.

Reply to Riding Styles - Sexton vs. McElrath 6/18/2020 7:46 AM

I get confused on the rules... religion is off limits unless you’re putting someone down for it? It seems awfully easy for these guys to do a “drive by”.

Reply to Play stupid games, win stupid prizes 6/17/2020 4:35 AM

He didn’t look or act scared in the video.

Reply to Levi Wosick 6/15/2020 11:42 AM

I agree. Hopefully that great attitude towards life will help in his recovery. I’ll be praying for this young man. A pilot friend of mine grew up in Camarillo. He raced and I think he and Larry Wosick were friends years ago.

Reply to 19 Kx250F or Rmz250? 6/9/2020 6:02 AM

I’m surprised no one has told him to get a Honda.

Reply to Mxa's newest bike review blunder 5/30/2020 9:44 AM

I love MXA, Vital, Suzuki, actually everything about MX ... except four stokes and Yamaha!!

Reply to Wallet Had To Speak!!!! 5/25/2020 5:54 AM

The perfect number of strokes!

Reply to My Girl has cancer....😢 5/24/2020 9:45 PM

I’ll be praying for you both as well.

Reply to My Cancer -vs- The Virus "UPDATED" 5/15/2020 6:46 PM

For some reason I hadn’t opened this thread till now. I pray your recover goes well. I am one of those that just put off tests like this. Sometimes thinking what I don’t know won’t hurt me. But also it’s fear of losing my livelihood. That is a foolish ... more »

Reply to Bits of Wisdom that only you (think you) know 5/11/2020 5:08 AM

You got me on that one. I’ll have to try cookie dough now. Edit: I think the bread would probably work on a roller bearing where I don’t think the grease would.

Reply to Bits of Wisdom that only you (think you) know 5/10/2020 5:42 PM

You beat me to it.

Reply to Bits of Wisdom that only you (think you) know 5/9/2020 6:15 AM

You may have just revealed a little too much about yourself.

Reply to A post I hate to make. 5/7/2020 8:54 PM

So sad. I’ll be praying for the family.

Reply to Classic Motocross Review: 1981 Suzuki RM125-X 4/30/2020 10:34 AM

I had one as well. They were the coolest things going at the time!!

Reply to Vintage handlebars- how wide? 4/29/2020 10:28 AM

They didn’t have power steering back then and they needed the extra leverage.