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New thread MX classes 8/12/2020 7:09 PM

What’s the difference besides age range between these two classes? My kid is 8 and rides stock KTM 50. Which class should I sign him up

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New thread European Suspension 6/17/2020 2:54 PM

I have an XC-W and was wondering what kind of suspension the guys run in Europe with their EXC’s in the WESS series. I was looking to upgrade my stock setup for a more aggressive B class Hare Scramble setup for Texas. I wouldn’t mind spending extra to ... more »

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New thread Australians have better Moto Trailers 3/20/2020 9:27 PM

Change my mind....

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New thread Roczen stays with Honda 5/3/2019 7:06 PM

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New thread What's your racing style? 4/25/2019 2:19 PM

This is for horses but amusing from a dirt bike racer perspective. I would say I'm a deep closer....minus the actual closing. I need a description for someone who starts last then charges to mid pack!

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New thread Robot Dog and MX? 4/5/2019 7:23 PM

Boy do I have the movie for you..... Just stumbled across A. X. L. on Netflix. The main characters are MX racers and the movie has a lot of dirt bikes and such. I'll withhold plot line judgement but do appreciate the MX in a modern movie.

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New thread Ktm 50 Jetting 2/25/2019 10:12 AM

Any suggestions on 2018 KTM 50 SX jetting? I'm running factory settings. Son is zero to half throttle at most. I'm thinking of dropping needle by one and then adjusting air screw.

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New thread Best Dirt Bike Spectator Venue U.S.A 12/14/2018 3:03 PM

Thinking of planning a trip this year to a race venue. What's the best track, event, race, etc.... to go visit? I'm already going to Supercross in Arlington TX but was looking for another. Maybe Tennessee knockout or...... Wheres the place to be?

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New thread Spoke with my wallet! 10/17/2018 3:35 PM

2018 150 XCW. It's my new cross country bike for the Torn series in Texas. I've got about 5 hours on it so far. Exactly what I was looking for. Can't wait to race it in a couple of weeks!

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New thread Outdoor MX Streaming Options 5/7/2018 7:42 AM

What's the best way to stream Outdoor MX? I've been using Sling and a Roku for Supercross this year.

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