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Cycle center of Denton in Tx had about 6 or 7 12 inchers last weekend.

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Trash in the carberator. My sons 2018 KTM 50 does the same thing. Pulled the carb last week and the bowl has grass and dirt from who knows where getting in. Cleaned it up sealed around the air filter and around the intake to carb connection with extra ... more »

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2018 150 XCW is the bees knees.

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Thanks for the replies. I'll make some adjustments tomorrow and post up my progress.

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Crosspower T2 at 60:1. Also I'm at 900ft above sea level. Mid 60s weather right now.

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Any suggestions on 2018 KTM 50 SX jetting? I'm running factory settings. Son is zero to half throttle at most. I'm thinking of dropping needle by one and then adjusting air screw.

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There's NBC sports and NBC Sports Gold. On the Roku they are only seperated by the top tab. I've had lock screen and error messages but realized I was on NBC sports not gold. Moved tab to Sports Gold and good.

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That looks fun. I've wanted to try the full gas sprint enduro but it's too far. This is much closer. Thanks

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Thinking of planning a trip this year to a race venue. What's the best track, event, race, etc.... to go visit? I'm already going to Supercross in Arlington TX but was looking for another. Maybe Tennessee knockout or...... Wheres the place to be?

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Way to go! ??????????????

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My driving forces were 1. Wanted a really fast mountain bike. I.e. lightweight 2. Wanted to be able to wring it out 3. Kept watching videos where guys testing the small bikes were faster than riding their big bikes 4. Fun Other things that factored were ... more »

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No time on the 200. They discontinued it when I was starting to get interested in it. I thought about waiting for the Beta 200 coming out but just went with the KTM due to the plethora of dealers in my area and the pricing.

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2018 150 XCW. It's my new cross country bike for the Torn series in Texas. I've got about 5 hours on it so far. Exactly what I was looking for. Can't wait to race it in a couple of weeks!

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Might want to check that engine....looks like they installed it backwards.

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So what's the verdict? I've been thinking of doing the same trade. 2016 Rmz250 to Ktm 150 XCW for Harescrambles. Or just revalve the RMZ and call it a day.

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Look forward to it every Monday.

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I've got a Crf 50 for my son (6) and an Oset 12.5 for my daughter (4). They both have their strengths. I like the Oset for its weight, throttle adjustability, no hot engine parts, and ability to ride in my suburban neighborhood during the week. I call ... more »

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Just chug a Monster after every event like the pros do. You'll be fine.

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This is the leftover 2016 I bought back in November. They went even lower to $4,599 in the ad prior to me picking it up. It's been a fantastic bike.

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Does he ever take his feet off the pegs? He's flying through that track.