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It's the 150.

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Cell phones have literally destroyed everything cool in all aspects of life......yet here I am using my cellphone to post this after ordering some Rocky Mountain Atv parts on my phone, and checking out a handful of dirt bike sites all day.

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Trade them and get EFI

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Yeah I was at the Revlimiter race for the hare scramble. Weather less than favorable is an understatement! I may go spectate TKO in August. Seems like fun.

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We need a USA equivalent to Erzberg. What's the closest race like this going on now?

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I'm in.

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73 Honda Trail 90

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I've been waiting for updates too since they first announced it. Let's go KTM!

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That is sweet. Dude needs some new boots though. He's got a broken buckle.....I'm sure @localriders could help him out.

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What did they look like? I couldn't really tell on the broadcast.

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He forgets to set his alarm the night before and sleeps through the main event. Tomac then leads the pack on his way to the championship win till his chain breaks on the last lap.

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I'm going to vote for AXL and the Crf robo dog.

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This is for horses but amusing from a dirt bike racer perspective. I would say I'm a deep closer....minus the actual closing. I need a description for someone who starts last then charges to mid pack!

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Boy do I have the movie for you..... Just stumbled across A. X. L. on Netflix. The main characters are MX racers and the movie has a lot of dirt bikes and such. I'll withhold plot line judgement but do appreciate the MX in a modern movie.

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Ktm is the best......that is all....thanks

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Cycle center of Denton in Tx had about 6 or 7 12 inchers last weekend.

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Trash in the carberator. My sons 2018 KTM 50 does the same thing. Pulled the carb last week and the bowl has grass and dirt from who knows where getting in. Cleaned it up sealed around the air filter and around the intake to carb connection with extra ... more »

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2018 150 XCW is the bees knees.