If I ever seem a bit testy about some of the stuff that gets posted in the forum, there may be a good reason behind it. Standard maintenance on the forum goes something like this...

1. Check for spam.

These come in a couple forms. Mass drive-by blasts, where a new user will post messages throughout the forum. These are often in a foreign language. We also get new accounts daily, where the users drop a link in the About Me section touting supplements...or male enhancement...or whatever else is high on their spam list that day. They're generally pretty easy to spot, and deleting them takes only a couple clicks, but it's a pain.

2. Clean up the For Sale section.

We try and keep this area free of items that have already been sold, so it's appreciated when users edit their subject line to denote whether the item has been sold. We then delete those threads.

3. Deleting return visitors.

If you get clipped, man up and email us to see if you can get reinstated. Creating a new account (or ten) is not a way to impress the admins with your restraint and common sense.

4. Trimming politics and religion from Non-Moto.

Yeah, those are both well-known no-nos...but it doesn't prevent people from going there. No one wins in those threads, no matter how fertile the topic.

Anyway, that's it. I used to really anguish over deleting people. These days, a lot of users make it pretty easy. If you can't play well with others, can't follow basic instructions, have a taste for fake news, or post generally crappy stuff, it's pretty easy to make the call. For some, that makes me click-happy. I look at it as keeping the peace.

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