I just spent a half-hour or so writing up a blog entry in the little window here for something that I was going to post. I've been promising myself that I'd blog more here, sure, partly for content, but partly as an exercise to help stretch my limits a bit further as a writer. 

Well, I think all of us can relate to a time (or several) where we hadn't saved some work on a computer, or had a power outage with unsaved work, and Poof! it was gone. Tonight proved to be one of those for me. I clicked the "Save blog entry" button, and got a message something akin to, "You don't have permission to do that." Basically, my connection had timed out, or I wasn't logged in in the first place.

So my suggestion to you is pretty simple. Either write your stuff offline and copy/paste it into this window, or at a minimum, copy it here before you hit the button and discover something bad happened. 

Hopefully this will prevent someone else from suffering the same fate, and make their time here more fun and productive, because I can't wait to see what you all have to blog about. Blogging...Lesson #1...



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