I swear I wasn't looking for a job. But one found me. Until recently, I had a really cool gig wrenching on the web site at TransWorld MX, where I'd spent the last three-and-a-half years. There were a group of guys there that I liked working with, traffic on the site was through the roof, and generally life was pretty good. When I'd first started working on www.transworldmx.com, it was rather neglected, receiving only occasional updates. During the time there we also introduced our Thursday Theater Quicktime videos, which weren't really being done by anyone on a regular basis. For fun (and in my spare time), I was doing a message board called www.motodrive.com. That's when I got a phone call from Brad McDonald. Now Brad and I have a bit of history over the last 20 years or so. Back in…well, let's just say it was a reeeeeallly long time ago, I was the editor at BMX Action magazine, and Brad was an aspiring BMX photographer and business student who would occasionally call me, looking for assignments. Now fast forward a bunch of years. Brad had finished school, started Snap BMX (later renamed TransWorld BMX) and Ride BMX magazines in his bedroom. He grew them into successful titles, and sold them off to Time, Inc., but continued on as their publisher. Later on, he'd started TransWorld MX with Donn Maeda, taken over as group publisher for all the TransWorld titles (including skate, snow, surf, etc.), and when I joined on at TWMX, he'd interviewed me for that position. Weird how stuff had changed over the years.So that's pretty much how things went, until a couple months ago when Brad left his spot at TransWorld Media. Pretty much all we knew at the time was that he was leaving to start a "web company." At the same time, our Associate Publisher, Todd Toth, went with him. That was pretty much the last we'd hear of Brad…or so I thought. Actually, a while later, Brad had e-mailed me a job posting that I had sort of, um, well…ignored. Sure, it was interesting, it was MX-related, and it involved a lot of the same type of stuff that I was already doing, but leave TWMX? That was a tough proposition

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