GuyB Blog: When S#!+ Goes Sideways (Again) 11

Strap on your protective gear, and get ready for more mayhem.

GuyB Blog: When S#!+ Goes Sideways (Again)

Okay, I'm back with more of the crazy stuff that happens just about every weekend. Did you catch part one of this gallery? If not, you can check here.

I'm not sure if Cedric Soubeyras is just watching the show, or had a hand in "helping" Tyler Bowers here.

Mitchell Oldenburg hitting the eject button.

This one happened in Denver last year. Fortunately, Garrett Marchbanks is doing okay after tangling with Cameron McAdoo.




More ouch. Unless they've lived a very sheltered life, just about any guy can relate.

Looking at the next two photos, you can say one thing for sure. RJ Hampshire will hang on until the bitter end.


Getting the holeshot in your practice...and discovering how slippery the first turn really is.

This may be the definition of headplant from Jimmy Albertson.

When you don't want to continue running over the guy that's down.

Some faceplants are intentional. (A couple years ago at Ironman.)

Uh-oh, Mookie. You know it's bad...
...when you hit the eject button, then get eaten up by your bike...
...fortunately, Jason Anderson did a good job of not running him over.

Swimming? Diving? We're not sure.

William Duffy in Utah.

This <i>could</i> have been a really cool shot of AJ Catanzaro's wild ride at the Red Bull Straight Rhythm. You know, just add focus. And composition. (Sometimes shots like this are rushed.)

Mitchell Falk getting spit off at the Monster Energy Cup a couple years ago.

Darian Sanayei going in...

...and then taking inventory and processing what just happened.

Malcolm Stewart and Broc Tickle. Broc's reaction says it all.

Oof. That's Justin Barcia at Houston.

But that lever to the goggle lens. Wow.

Adam Cianciarulo. We have no words for this one.

We're not sure how Mike Alessi got to this point.

Cooper Webb hanging on...until he wasn't.

Dakota Alix got the worst of this one.

Darryn Durham back in '16.

Moto limbo. How low can Cole Seely go? About this far.

Chris Howell going in.

Colton Aeck got a shot with the SmarTop | Bullfrog Spas | MotoConcepts | Honda crew. Unfortunately, it didn't play out well for him.

Robbie Marshall, Weston Peick and more hitting the deck in the first turn at Southwick.

Martin Castelo and Michael Mosiman tangling.

Not sure who this one is.

Nope, we're not going to use the classic, &quot;Look, a quarter!&quot;

Kyle Chisholm's bike continuing on without him at Thunder Valley.

Justin Barcia at Thunder Valley. Before, during, and after.