I've spent the last two years touring around the country during the summer as part of my job, and I'm starting to get ready for the third go-round.

Things to do on the truck...

Just replaced the windshield. (Caught a rock at the top, and it split right down the center.)
Add an auxiliary input for .mp3 player.
Remove the extra leaf spring that I added last summer (which works great with the trailer on, but kills kidneys when it's not hitched up), and replace with a set of airbags in the rear.
New shocks.
I also want to have the hitch checked. There are chipped paint sections along some welds on the main pieces. I want to make sure it's just flaking and not cracked. Also, the hole where the pin goes so you can remove the hitch has been rounded out a bit. I need an expert's opinion on whether it's acceptable or not. It clunks as I pull away from a signal, and also when I get on the brakes.
Redo the graphics. They need a refresh.

Things to do to the trailer...

Have the hubs and brakes checked out.
Have everything sealed on the roof.
Maybe add some more substantial for stabilizing jacks in the rear.
I'd already swapped out tires after last season. Just need to make sure they're up to pressure.

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