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Happy Birthday.

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Homestead and Kyle's championship will potentially be a great conversation over in Non-Moto...even with the JGR tie-in. Like others have mentioned, MX/SX is our primary focus. With Ping on board to help out with project bikes, it's possible that Klinger ... more »

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I don't think that's bad advice as a low-cost way to learn about reading terrain and picking lines. This one was obviously geared toward the UK market with the talk about clubs, etc.

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Here’s your roadmap. 11/8/19 @Ping 11/15/19 @Ping

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A couple of my recent favorite non-moto shots.

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The Inside Line Podcast | Jeremy Martin
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11/14/2019 8:54 PM

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Yeah, but I get to play Arson Inspector.

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He also has a date with CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport). We'll have to see if that affects his return.

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I don't know anything about Otto, but think I'll stick with familiar motorcycle brands that do proper development and testing.

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The walls up are entirely weather-dependant. Maybe the spectator path to the stadium was easier in Atlanta, but the path the teams and riders used was still quite a hike. Also, not all the teams were allowed to bring in rigs, which meant some of them ... more »

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Doesn't the throttle turn the other way down under?

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If you want the full pit experience, I'd go with Indy. It's a bit of a hike to/from the stadium in Atlanta to the pits. Also, you might have more food options close by.

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JGR has 75% of the drivers (Hamlin, Busch, Truex) in the final four as they head to Homestead.

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What I got out of this is that I wasn’t wrong twice before.

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Easiest answer? Different tribes.

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View From The Infield: Crowning a King
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11/10/2019 7:58 PM

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Highs and Lows from the final night in Paris with Chad Reed, Jeremy Martin, Malcolm Stewart, and Justin Barcia.

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That McNeil shot is awesome!

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More aggressive than I expected here. Most of the guys are in a mode where they want to get some racing and testing in, but they also want to go home safe and start getting ready for the next season. On one hand, Justin did leave about enough room on

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