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Coors Light = Colorado Horse Piss Coors Banquet is good though.

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Ferrandis was the hottest free agent property and knew where to go in order to be the #1 guy on a 450 team. Easy decision. His negotiations with the other 5 likely went something like this:

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Seems like a bit of an undeserved demotion if you won the Daytona supercross. Maybe he thought if no factory sports were available or really low paying, it's better to be on a privateer Yamaha with some limited team support. Can't imagine the bike would ... more »

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The 150cc version of this same motorcycle is still considered "too powerful and unfair" against the factory 250 four strokes. They could not possibly change the rule after 20 years.

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Goerke looks like the Millville Whoop Monster in that muddy gear.

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Double mechanical DNFs, a 40 point hole to the leader in a shortened 9 round series, no indication yet that you are the dominant rider on speed. Not a good situation right now for Tomac. Might still be able to pull it off, but he better start taking ... more »

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Shattered my elbow badly 10 years ago and once healed, I rode with elbow pads for about a year. They were not comfortable at all, slipped around, were bulky, restrictive and hot. While riding, you tend to move the elbow area a lot and there's always ... more »

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Yeah they had a great day. 450 Savatgy 9-11 for 9th Anstie 11-10 for 11th Noren 23-22 for 25th Carsten 28-28 for 29th Enticknap 30-29 for 31st

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Nah that wasn't the problem. It was dumb. There was 1 item to select under pro motocross. So I join the livestream and it's playing the old 450 moto 1 and says "live". This is during 250 moto 2. So I had to pause the video, wait for the "Live" button ... more »

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250 Moto 2 is ongoing and I cannot access it from the app. Despite restarting etc. Just wants to replay 450 moto 1. Great work everyone.

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I try my best to be hyper aware of gear selection at all times. My red alert system starts to trigger if I happen to forget or can't tell. Sometimes I quickly click down to 1st or up to 5th, just so i can count forwards/backwards to the gear I think ... more »

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On a slightly related factoid: His relative, Avo Leok was the last guy to win a GP on a 500cc 2 stroke. He won the 1997 500 GP opener at Lommel on a KX500, won the overall with 4-2 finishes. 500 motos for Tanel is crazy. Looks like he got a point in ... more »

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Counted this not that long ago. I think the number of motocross events was about 115. This is from 2000-2020. 85% of those races were done 2007 and prior, back when the turnouts at local races were huge.

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"His financials" could mean a lot of things. I know he made good money for a decade, couldn't tell you how it was invested or where it went. I can see that his bonus income would be a lot less comparing to last year: 2019: 5 450SX podiums, 1 Main event ... more »

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He did all the SX rounds and was 12th in points. That property is a lot to maintain for that kind of result. He was a first time 450 SX winner last year. Not good to follow that up with a 12th in points the next year.

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Yes. His first pro race was at Ironman in 2015 on a Yamaha 450, 15th place.

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Don't forget that before Coldenhoff stole his thunder, Max had a 1 year period where he was "The fastest man on the planet".

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If Fornker manages to steal the west title, then I believe all 4 of those guys need to move to 450s next year. Ranking in SX: 1) Ferrandis 2) Forkner 3) Sexton 4) Mcelrath