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Here is a good interview with Joel by MXA from just last week: There's one good pic in there in the big KTM, not sure what year. He said this a lot the 2000 season: "WHY DID YOU SWITCH FROM ... more »

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Michael Byrne maybe. He spent a long time in the top 10, sometimes top 5 or podium. Technically he did win a race, or just a moto. The first moto at the 2003 Southwick 125cc national on a CR125, the overall was won by Craig Anderson. No overalls or main ... more »

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Worth pointing out that he has been mainly injury free for 6 seasons now and I don't think he ever missed a race. He talked after 2017 SX about wanting to be more consistent long term for championships like Dungey. Seemed like he managed to mostly do ... more »

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I remember making a topic about this more than 15 years ago in the old ronronmx forum. Still think it's a good idea. Make it one of the later rounds in the schedule to get a better chance of favorable weather.

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I'm going to guess 35-45 including between outdoor motos and main events. There were a lot. Stew never beat McGrath's 72 supercross wins but he had more than Jeremy in total AMA wins:

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Kenneth Gundersen and Erik Eggens

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Noren was introduced as a "Swedish motocross champion" back when he came over in 2011. Is there any money to be made doing that again, assuming he would be the #1 guy? He put in the best 10 years he will likely have on a dirt bike already over here. ... more »

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Stew had no one anywhere near his level for that season. Carmichael had retired the last fall, Reed was in his "no outdoors" phase. Windham did not race outdoors that year. Alessi, who was getting better quickly, but still a ways off, went out out badly ... more »

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Well Honda did win the next 4 straight outdoor titles in that class from 93-96, two with Henry, two with Lamson. So at least in the short term it looked like the way to go.

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Coors Light = Colorado Horse Piss Coors Banquet is good though.

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Ferrandis was the hottest free agent property and knew where to go in order to be the #1 guy on a 450 team. Easy decision. His negotiations with the other 5 likely went something like this:

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Seems like a bit of an undeserved demotion if you won the Daytona supercross. Maybe he thought if no factory sports were available or really low paying, it's better to be on a privateer Yamaha with some limited team support. Can't imagine the bike would ... more »

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The 150cc version of this same motorcycle is still considered "too powerful and unfair" against the factory 250 four strokes. They could not possibly change the rule after 20 years.

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Goerke looks like the Millville Whoop Monster in that muddy gear.

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Double mechanical DNFs, a 40 point hole to the leader in a shortened 9 round series, no indication yet that you are the dominant rider on speed. Not a good situation right now for Tomac. Might still be able to pull it off, but he better start taking ... more »

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Shattered my elbow badly 10 years ago and once healed, I rode with elbow pads for about a year. They were not comfortable at all, slipped around, were bulky, restrictive and hot. While riding, you tend to move the elbow area a lot and there's always ... more »

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Yeah they had a great day. 450 Savatgy 9-11 for 9th Anstie 11-10 for 11th Noren 23-22 for 25th Carsten 28-28 for 29th Enticknap 30-29 for 31st

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Nah that wasn't the problem. It was dumb. There was 1 item to select under pro motocross. So I join the livestream and it's playing the old 450 moto 1 and says "live". This is during 250 moto 2. So I had to pause the video, wait for the "Live" button ... more »