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When objects got added and the first fmx ramp came out I know for a fact I did a couple all nighters playing madness2. I miss those gamer moments.

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Next time Eli, Kenny or Webb crashes just lay on the ground till the red flag gets thrown. Line back up and win the race. Easy

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Hello fellow apes

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Agreed. I’m 6’2 and the FXR pants fit better than anything else I’ve ridden in.

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You’re an MXvsATV fanboi though

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Prove it

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I’m thinking of trying this on my two boys. They’re both 12 and slowing down. Happy wieners though

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Always loved the vibe of des nations and sadly it took for the mxgp video games for me to get into the series. Now I follow it pretty closely! Love anything that involves a dirt bike

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Love my 96’. Crazy how good this bike is, so fun to ride!

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Anyone else’s game running like crap after the last update? Screen tearing and freezing up momentarily has gotten so bad. Loved how great the game ran prior the update but now I can’t even run Times laps on redbud smoothly.

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Gonna skip this one. I maybe played mxgp pro a handful of times and this one looks no different besides a bland track editor.

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Loved it but I’d do away with the helicopter audio next time.

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Full HD here and I’m only pulling 20mbps

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If you have the word “monster” in your profile name on social media you’re an automatic doucher. That’s the rules bro

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The most unrealistic part of the movie is thinking the prize money would be enough to pay a mortgage.

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Just make sure it’s on full length race and not quick ?

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Their moms said they couldn’t hang out anymore.