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Vylan Ferrandis. He should embrace it.

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I wonder how many Kawasakis stayed on dealer floors because of Eli’s refusal to the MXdN. I wonder how many Monster cans remained in the convenience store fridge due to his lack of participation. Fans being pumped on a rider doesn’t pay the bills. Fans ... more »

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Hell is freezing over. I enjoyed this post and endorse it 100%.

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Pretty sure the same people who had a problem with Kenny's comments about Aldon also have a problem with Baggett's. They don't have to buy in or like it, but it's pretty classless to shit on a man for no reason. Eli arrogant? The guy who refuses to get ... more »

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One little crack? He said he broke Tomac and was going to break him this season. He talked crap about not caring who his dad was. He shit on Aldon Baker. He said he doesn't know why people didn't expect him to win because he's done it before. He pointed ... more »

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I don't think you'll find many people hoping that Baggett is injured. Do I think the shit talking was way premature? Yup. Do I think it was childish and classless to talk crap about a former trainer and John Tomac? Sure do. Was I ever a Baggett fan? ... more »

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Yes, let's not let facts influence opinions here.

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Fastest guy in the 450 class right now? I must have been watching a different race because I saw ET in 6th, BB in 2nd, and ET walk past him to the win. The moto wins and OA tally would also disagree with your post.

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You're butt hurt because he was condescending, yet it's ok to call the guys that produce FREE content for you and a FREE forum lazy? Ok...

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This game comes alive in first person view. It's excellent.

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Yup. I was wearing an Arai when I got my last concussion (4th ever). I'm a little bit bitter because that's where I decided to draw the line and quit the sport, but I wish I was wearing a Bell or a 6D because I feel like the outcome might have been different. ... more »

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Sooooo you think Chad's lack of speed this year is due to the bike that he's riding? This must also mean that you think James's issues later in his career were also due to that new Yamaha, right?

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There is some serious crow to eat in this thread hahaha.

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Well, to be fair this was his first time being in this position in the premier class. Dungey has done this a few times. I think that's what Ricky was referring to.