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Morning boys!

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See? How hard was that? UpTiTe just won the MX Journalist Pulitzer Award for 2021! This is how you put this crap to bed! Sincerely, Thank you, UpTiTe, I've been wondering how this all has played out, and you've mentioned before about the checks stopping ... more »

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I don't know why, but I'm just mad right now after watching that, then learning the poor guy passed away. Prayers for his wife and kids, that just sucks so bad. I have to believe something went wrong either mechanically or weather / wind wise, because ... more »

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I swear if that top one ever hits the dealership, it’ll be in the back of my truck the morning they open!!!

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PLEASE DELETE THIS THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every time I look at this bike and think about some of the benefits of an E-Bike, I just know I'll buy it. PLEASE SAVE ME FROM MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How does this guy Stralo, with a 2:15.3 in 450 Group B quali 2 not make the show? He should be 31st fastest qualifier on combined page.

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LOL, I still use it to this day! I grew up in Lakewood / Bellflower area!

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For decades I have a red plastic toolbox with top tray, about 11” by 24” by maybe 10” tall, big enough for everything I need on race day including wrenches, socket set, screw drivers, Allen wrenches, spoke wrench, tire gauge, hammer, mud scrapers, pliers, ... more »

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I like the way they do it at some So Cal races either a true beginner class. Back in the ‘80s we managed it pretty easily by having a point system to move riders through the classes. Beginner was for riders who have only been racing for 1 year (managed ... more »

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I have the EXACT same problem, and have tried dozens of different goggles, most of which end up in the kids' gearbags because I can't stand the nose pinch and obstructed breathing. The absolute best goggles i have ever used for this, and please don't ... more »

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Cycle News West archives should have a ton of old race reports, results, ads, etc. from the Arroya days (back in the '70s).

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Is this real, or photoshop?

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I think that’s a great choice, personally. I’m 60 this year and have zero issues racing a CRF450R. As others have said, you control the bike. Enjoy the new ride!!!

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Wow, Jett is a bit of a snowflake!

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Back in the late '70s or early '80s, we did a study at Dirt Bike Magazine and found that a chain with WD-40 on it actually ran hotter than just a dry chain with no lube. Interesting stuff. But as many others have already said, I use WD-40 after a wash, ... more »

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Stop just miss watching him rip up the 'Dunes on his yellow and black Yamaha, in that faded yellow Yamaha jersey..............or is that me?!?!?! LOL, I Love Jim, he's always been a great interview, and I think is even better now then he was ... more »

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Thanks, at least I feel a little better! I still can’t visualize the entire Carlsbad track, but I can feel the blue groove now!

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That is awesome, thanks! I wondered where that replica track was! For some reason thought it was like Cuhilla Creek or something. Does anyone have anything like this from the original Carlsbad? It's been so long since I raced there (41 years) and I can't ... more »

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Awesome! As others have said, training is the key, ANT type of training, including riding! And the weight will come down, guaranteed! But enjoy yourself, be safe, and watch out for the bugs on your teeth from smiling while you ride!

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What in the Wild Wild West is goin’ on here???