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Definitely in

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I think it varies over time. At first it’s all about skills, then as you improve, it shifts to endurance. Somewhere in there is bike setup—knowing HOW to set your suspension and WHAT changes to make on different tracks or days.

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Some recent documentary about the family sticks in my head at how much this family loved each other, how they worked their way back together, and saw them at MEC.....damn this sucks to hear. Godspeed Dan, and love and prayers to the Villopotos.

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Yep, I pick up every one I earn, and keep them all in my man cave above the garage. I manage to get a couple around the desk or on my dresser, but they bring a sense of satisfaction for doing something well that day. There are a lot more empty handed ... more »

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It's easy to race on less than your budget, but as someone else already stated, invest in a good helmet--it doesn't have to be the most expensive, but have the best safety technology.

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Damn KRoc! LOL, hope he enjoyed the time off as much as we enjoyed MEC , but still missed him!

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Thanks Rob, you and Adey are what makes this motocross family one big loving group. Pure class by you, RJ, and all the folks in the paddock who showed him so much love. RIP Moto brother!

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You guys get sucked into the mosh pit?

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Is that TM300 competitive against the 450s for a Vet rider?

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Congrats moto brother!!!! MXDN Team USA rider 2040?!?!?!?!?!

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What awesome kits do you have for an 18 CRF450R? That's some fine work you did there!

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Wow that's beautiful. Thanks for posting it!

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Wow, that is dead sexy my friend! Could I pull off that look being an old late 50s rider, or would it be too fast for me?!?!?!

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Gage, what age group are you looking for? We have a bunch of over 40 guys who ride weekly, a lot at Village Creek near you .

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No, he was asked and gave his honest opinion/ his belief. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, and no need to be PC because of your religious beliefs or whatever.

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Great post T, thanks for the reminder. And thanks to your dad, he did real good.

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Loved when the GPs ran through the old Black Sheep Squadron TV set right past the Shadow Glen track! Damn, I’m so old, but thank you all for the fond memories this morning! I loved The Dunes! Spent damn near every Friday night and Sunday there trying ... more »

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C’mon, go with a 450.....YOLO and all that! Seriously, the suggestion for a 125 4 stroke (RMZ, KLX, TTR) is a great starter, a 125 2t is also excellent as it will take you farther in your riding experience and into a race track. A 250 2t? Same comment ... more »