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Completely agree with all my Vital brothers, grab your new helmet, push’s the magic button on the bars, and let ‘er rip! One word of caution though is to work up to the big jumps! Hucking stuff at 60 can hurt a tad more. I remember I used to tuck and ... more »

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Listen to Pull Shaw a few weeks ago, Jeremy lays it all out. He intentionally sat out last part of SX to not point out, says he’s staying on a 250, and has been making calls / has a ride lined up IF Geico Honda can’t find a title sponsor (because he’s ... more »

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Got all but Burnworth in about 10 seconds, must have lost Scott in that last concussion, 😆

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Back end stepped out on him going up the big uphill left hand sweeper near the top of the track. Nasty tank slapper / whipped to the ground. Went back to the pits and didn't line up for moto 2. Two weeks in a row of tough get-offs is not good on the ... more »

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Happy 30th! Just wait til you hit 60!!!!!!

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Thanks for the input! I love the TC250 feel just sitting on it, but just worried about the motor compared the my ‘18 CRF450. Love the CRF, and as Jeffro said, after a few laps, it can be tiring. I grew up on 250 two strokes, and I get ribbed by my friends ... more »

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Thanks for the input, Jeffro. Did you have any difficulties / feel like you had to be way more aggressive on the 250 to keep up with the 450s? I know with the 450 I can be a little lazy or overcome mistakes but still clear jumps with that power--any ... more »

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Can you guys compare racing the TC250 to racing a 450? What is better, what you give up, etc? Almost pulled the trigger on a ‘19 TC250 but at my age (60 next year) wasn’t sure if I had to scream the 2T or am even able to after 7 years on 450s.

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Hey Ethan, I need a few pointers on how to keep up with your dad! When are you coming up to Swan again?!?!

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Foo foo

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But then again, I'm slow.................
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You know, I root so hard for Kenny and want him to win an SX championship that I get down on him with his struggles, and this thread kinda proves how I sometimes forget how awesome he is/was. Thanks for a good, positive post on him!

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44 second lap times????????? Could this be the shortest SX track in history?

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Way to go!!!

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Serious question--has Eli had a problem passing AC this year? I don't recall a race specifically, so I'm asking how likely this scenario will even be.

Added reply in a thread Do You Think These Unprecedented Sunday/Wednesday SX TV Broadcasts, Will Bring Us Zillions Of New Fans ? 5/24/2020 4:38 PM

Well, since the morans that run SX decided to go head to head with NASCAR on May 31st instead of keeping a night show to follow them and bring those fans over, I'd say we don't get any kind of a bump from this. Too bad, but SX is just run by folks that ... more »

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That bike sounds like it’s about to blow up!

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I read the first part of this thread a couple days ago, then had to listen to Ryan on the Pulp show from a couple weeks ago to compare what I was reading to how he actually sounded. Being an old, fairly conservative guy, I don't agree with trying hallucinogenic ... more »

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What's Thurman doing the rest of the year? Saw him destroy the Pro class at Freestone a couple years ago, then didn't see much of him, and really expected him to be out there with John Short. That guy can absolutely fly around a track (and makes me feel ... more »

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Posted this in Bobby M's thread: Tried watching the NASCAR race yesterday, but without fans, with everyone in masks, no personal interaction or facial expressions, there was just no atmosphere brought out that makes a race a race. I really hope I don’t ... more »