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I think that’s a great choice, personally. I’m 60 this year and have zero issues racing a CRF450R. As others have said, you control the bike. Enjoy the new ride!!!

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Wow, Jett is a bit of a snowflake!

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Back in the late '70s or early '80s, we did a study at Dirt Bike Magazine and found that a chain with WD-40 on it actually ran hotter than just a dry chain with no lube. Interesting stuff. But as many others have already said, I use WD-40 after a wash, ... more »

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Stop just miss watching him rip up the 'Dunes on his yellow and black Yamaha, in that faded yellow Yamaha jersey..............or is that me?!?!?! LOL, I Love Jim, he's always been a great interview, and I think is even better now then he was ... more »

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Thanks, at least I feel a little better! I still can’t visualize the entire Carlsbad track, but I can feel the blue groove now!

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That is awesome, thanks! I wondered where that replica track was! For some reason thought it was like Cuhilla Creek or something. Does anyone have anything like this from the original Carlsbad? It's been so long since I raced there (41 years) and I can't ... more »

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Awesome! As others have said, training is the key, ANT type of training, including riding! And the weight will come down, guaranteed! But enjoy yourself, be safe, and watch out for the bugs on your teeth from smiling while you ride!

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What in the Wild Wild West is goin’ on here???

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I think you’re right! Greg Robertson sounds right, as does Joe Root! Man, it’s been awhile! Too many concussions since then, LOL! But weren’t those the days?!?! I think that coliseum race I got Bob Hannah’s jersey after practice! I also remember getting ... more »

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I had no idea who Cros was, but after that vlog, I'm a fan! And I don't speak Spanish either! LOVE the comradery and emotion that little team has, that language is UNIVERSAL, and I look forward to rooting for them every week!

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As far as customer service and attention goes, you will never beat Ralph Schmidt (TM Importer in California)--I've called him with questions on an old TM125 I have, and he's always helpful, gets detailed about what parts I need and where to find them,

... more »
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I used to watch Donnie Hansen and Greg Root race their Colbe Can-Ams every Friday night at Indian Dunes. Those two were FAST on the orange bikes! Donnie seemed fastest on the 250, Root did better on the 400. I wanted that bike the rest of my life! The ... more »

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Maybe OP is referring to the Moto Masters series here in TX? That’s a series where the youngest class is 25+, no mini classes. Class structure serves two purposes-1) you can ride in more than one class against similar skilled and aged riders, and 2) ... more »

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Kenny is a class act, watch the way he passes people. He doesn’t always ride them high into a tough block, but mostly turns down underneath them for a clean pass with little to no contact. The fist bump fits his style and character.

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For me, it was Danny Chandler (Magoo) and Kenny Zahrt. Pure moto.

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It is truly a sign of the time, brother! You’re not wrong about something triggering the ownership to make that sign. Trying to stay non political, but take a look at the state, and you’ll probably see the source of their anger / concern.

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Wow, I cannot believe the people triggered by that sign!

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I literally took both bikes out on a few race days and raced the 250 in one class and the 450 in another class, both with almost the exact same riders in both classes, and went from front of the pack on the 450 (actually won) to back of the pack of the ... more »

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I did just the opposite, jumped from an '04 CR250R to a 2013 CRF450R back in 2014, but I can give you some of the differences. The CR250 was alot easier to do more laps on when I was younger (48-53) and was totally familiar since I spent literally my ... more »

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That price may be for a block of 4 tickets--they only sold "blocks" of tickets at Houston.