Yes you read that right and I haven't seen anyone ask this kind of question.  A little background, old guy (57) that started back at riding about 8 years ago (had only rode a few years back in early 90s).  Started doing a little MX at a pretty basic track with a 2010 Husky 250F (bad bike, never starts).  So after going through a 2013 450SXF (yeah electric start, oh man this thing is going to kill me) and a 2015 150SX (fun but required too much skill to ride good) I bought a new 2016 350 SXF.  Raced at some of the local north Texas tracks in Vet D class.  Had fun but needed a lot more skill.  A year or so into it, several friends decide they want to get into riding too but only offroad.  My previous racing was only offroad, no motocross.  So started racing offroad in the Vet amateur classes.  Did okay mid back of pack.  Because my clutch hand is messed up (rock hit it) I couldn't use the clutch for a long race.  Put a Rekluse on and now I'm top five, even consistently 2nd.  Great bike but I often like to upgrade.  So since I was doing both offroad and MX bought a 2018 450SXF  for MX.  Had about 6 months and with all my other commitments MX racing will take a back seat, so sold the 450.  I bought a 2019 125SX for my son to learn on and he didn't take to it.  So I decided to try it in offroad.  So easy to use, light.  I figure none of these bikes are at their limit.  My personal speed limit is the limit.  I really like the confidence this bike gives me (I did upgrade it with the KTM 150 kit). No matter how I hammer it, it just doesn't get away from me.  Raced the 125 the last half of the year and did pretty much the same as the 350.  Could have even had the championship if I had made all the races.  So has me thinking, I planned to use the 350 in one of the offroad series that I race in and some practice MX with my son.  But I WONDER??? Since the 150 is so light nimble  and the power is not intimidating what about getting a 250F in place of the 350.  As I said, the bikes are not the limiting factor to my speed, my brain is.  I used to race big bore 2 strokes (that was stupid). I know I don't need a big bike.  I only weigh 150 lbs.  By the way, I get the holeshot on the 150, or if not, pretty close to it against a stacked field of four strokes.

Thoughts, has anyone "downgraded" from a 350 to a 250.  I should add, I did replace the 4CS forks with MXTech Lucky Inserts

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