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Scott ransom 920 and my best riding bud Dexter!
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I run the tld gear bag. To my surprise it is very small and requires some Tetris skills to make it all fit. Boots on either end, knee braces on bottom chest protector next then helmet. Your pants, jersey and under gear gets out around your helmet. Just ... more »

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The idea to me is great. Less snagged foot pegs but my main concern is that the top would Caus a lot more injuries then the flat top on the square blocks used now. Maybe a rounded top instead of a sharp peak would prevent more injuries.

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I have used both chiropractor and massage therapy. I have a very stiff lower back and a neck that is weak. When searching for both I asked a lot of people who to use. My chiropractor I have now actually has a medical degree from one of the best medical ... more »

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Back when smart top first did the CMRC rounds they had to keep everything they brought up. They had to have zero waste with anything they brought up. It’s also a tax nightmare for the riders. It’s a Canadian event so they got paid in CAD and had to pay ... more »

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Sick kits!

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A1 MEC RBSR MXDN AMA outdoors Mxgp I basically only watch supercross and dab a little in motocross. I spend all my winter inside watching supercross and I am not wasting a Saturday in the Summer watching motocross when I could be out riding my self.

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Don’t mind the mess

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Last summer my local dealer give me a 18 350sxf for a few races last year. I have rode 450’s for the last 10 years and I absolutely loved the 350. The easiest way I could describe it was 250f power with 450 gearing. What I mean by that is I found you ... more »

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Here’s my freshy 18 I picked up last week ... more »
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Just picked up a left over 2018 CRF 450R yesterday and was wondering can I use a regular battery tender on this or do I got to go get a special one for the lithium battery?

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I have a 2017 KTM 250 SX. My weight is 220 with out gear. I set my sag about twice a month in riding season. I use the motion pro folding sag tool. I always measure by going straight up from the axle to the rear fender.

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I bought the race tech 5.2 kg spring as the calculator told me

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How accurate is the spring calculator on the race tech website? It says I need a 5.2 spring (which I now have) but when I go to set my sag the spring is completely loose and still only at 98 mm sag. Is there a better way to figure out what spring I need? ... more »

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All right every one thanks. Going to do a new piston. What’s every ones opinion on pro x Pistons?

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Also if the piston skirts look to be in good shape whats everyone's opinion on just re ringing?

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Moto but my last few rides of the year was woods.

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What does my piston tell you guys? Does it look like it’s running rich? Also where should I see the mark as to what piston I need?

... more »
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I’m pretty pissed about it to but I just gave in and bought the pass for the night. Hope the stream is good.

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Don’t feel bad. You never missed much. Last year I went to Toronto sx. About a week before the race I get a email to do “VIP track walk” so I jumped at it. $60 each. Was right after qualifying. We waited in line and finally got to check out the track. ... more »