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Probably one of the rarer DP bikes out there (and it wasn't even a DP bike when it was new): I converted a Can-Am Sonic 500 to DP use using a combination of the various kits you can get to do that. Bike #303 out of less than 500. How good was it? After

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Best ( or worst) I could do for a full on race would be 107 at GH. No easy-up and only a beach umbrella, so I ended up trying to survive by crawling under the truck. Worst motorcycle experience was in SE Asia: I borrowed a DP bike and went for a cruise. ... more »

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I used to take a few snaps back in the day and, when you were on the infield at an SX leaning over to get an angle, it became clear quickly that the only thing holding back James were the laws of physics - and even those didn't work the way they were

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I was at the Hangtown race in '05, and can say Mike endured a bit of a baptism by fire at that event. The wheels didn't fall off, but other stuff did as some of the photos below will demonstrate. I happened to have my Brownie camera with me (see what

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The Wild Rose Motocross Park in Calgary isn't just a "track": it's 88acres with three unique full size MX tracks, a minicycle track, two beginner tracks, an endurocross track, and separately run BMX and RC facilities. There's daily grooming, a history

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Unfortunately, knowing my neighbors, they will complain about the noise this this bike makes as well.

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We should always be grateful for any places to ride, especially special ones like GH. Most of the big and famous tracks have fallen to the developer's wrecking ball, and as someone who participates in administration of a very centrally located track,

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Here's proof that 500 2S prices have gone all the way to crazy town (this was an ebay sale from a few weeks ago):

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Kudos to Robb Andrews for his efforts in putting his book together - I have ordered one as well. In terms of other good reads, while it is not a specialized motocross (or even motorcycle) book, Michael Cannell's "The Limit" is a very well written piece ... more »

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Saw this description on the web somewhere, tied to some pix. I think the bike in the ad has modern tires (they used to be Full Bore Universals and no mirror), but otherwise it is a pretty good example: "1971 Yankee Z 500 I doubt any other country has

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Updated photo album 1957 BSA Gold Star Competition Scrambler on ebay 4/5/2021 7:04 PM
1957 BSA Gold Star Competition Scrambler on ebay
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I think the comments above suggesting that electric bikes may have an affect are spot on. The manufacturers are clearly worried about the ongoing market (or political) sustainability of the ICE powerplants, and the recently announced battery homologation

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Hats off to you, Mr. of those stalwart individuals working behind the scenes who are really responsible for making motocross races happen.

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If your plan is to vintage race, make sure you have scouted out the classes and requirements to fit in properly. Late model twin shock classes are often dominated by the Maico 490's, although in Europe, where there is a strong Evo and twin shock series,

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The wheels off my '08 did not fit on my '04, with the only block being that Honda made the axles thicker on the newer models. Only solutions I could see were to shoe-horn the bigger axles into the guides (not good), run sleeves (pretty finicky), or re-lace ... more »

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How could the '81 Hondas not be on this list? Like most of the "transition" bikes of that era, the manufacturers made lots of stumbles in the looks department, and things didn't get cleaned up from a cosmetic point of view until the mid-80's. The "swayback"

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My $0.02...

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There was an artist who put out a series of MX posters in the early/mid-80's and I think he was someone who "got" the MX vibe. This was my favorite: titled "Hooked Up", even as a bit of a cartoon it really captured the hang-it-all-out-there nature of

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Spotted this at a buddy's place: a Canadian 1974 YZ 360B in pretty original condition. And, although I didn't see it on display, he has a second identical bike with the sequential serial number.

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Umm, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the editors of this very G-rated film missed the "content" on the wall of Dave Smith's garage. Or maybe this was really a early 60's version of soft porn with scrambles as the smoke screen?