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Saw this description on the web somewhere, tied to some pix. I think the bike in the ad has modern tires (they used to be Full Bore Universals and no mirror), but otherwise it is a pretty good example: "1971 Yankee Z 500 I doubt any other country has

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Updated photo album 1957 BSA Gold Star Competition Scrambler on ebay 4/5/2021 7:04 PM
1957 BSA Gold Star Competition Scrambler on ebay
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I think the comments above suggesting that electric bikes may have an affect are spot on. The manufacturers are clearly worried about the ongoing market (or political) sustainability of the ICE powerplants, and the recently announced battery homologation

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Added reply in a thread RIP Ralph Huffman owner of Washougal mx park 3/24/2021 2:46 PM

Hats off to you, Mr. of those stalwart individuals working behind the scenes who are really responsible for making motocross races happen.

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If your plan is to vintage race, make sure you have scouted out the classes and requirements to fit in properly. Late model twin shock classes are often dominated by the Maico 490's, although in Europe, where there is a strong Evo and twin shock series,

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The wheels off my '08 did not fit on my '04, with the only block being that Honda made the axles thicker on the newer models. Only solutions I could see were to shoe-horn the bigger axles into the guides (not good), run sleeves (pretty finicky), or re-lace ... more »

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How could the '81 Hondas not be on this list? Like most of the "transition" bikes of that era, the manufacturers made lots of stumbles in the looks department, and things didn't get cleaned up from a cosmetic point of view until the mid-80's. The "swayback"

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My $0.02...

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There was an artist who put out a series of MX posters in the early/mid-80's and I think he was someone who "got" the MX vibe. This was my favorite: titled "Hooked Up", even as a bit of a cartoon it really captured the hang-it-all-out-there nature of

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Spotted this at a buddy's place: a Canadian 1974 YZ 360B in pretty original condition. And, although I didn't see it on display, he has a second identical bike with the sequential serial number.

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Umm, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the editors of this very G-rated film missed the "content" on the wall of Dave Smith's garage. Or maybe this was really a early 60's version of soft porn with scrambles as the smoke screen?

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Being glad to have sold a bike doesn't mean it had to be a roach. I had an 84 CR 250 that I bought when fresh out of university. I took 3 months off and road the wheels off that bike - at least two separate sessions a day and a bunch of races. Even though ... more »

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I had the good fortune to be taking pictures on a semi-professional (no dough, just free access passes) to the SX and MX nationals on the west coast in the naughts. This pic came about from me hanging my head a little too far into the start straight

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Manly men don't need no stinkin' trailer:

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My experience with headaches from riding was traced back to my teeth. Motocross is hi-impact, and with it is the risk of the upper and lower jaw colliding. This is a big deal in the world of concussions and is the reason so many sports mandate the use ... more »

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Yankee Z 500 Original condition, 750 miles, a bit of a time capsule. ... more »
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The Wild Rose MX track in Calgary, Canada, charges $25 (Cdn) for an adult day fee, but as a non-profit society the club offers annual memberships for $550 which entitle the member to free access whenever the facility is open. Three full size MX tracks

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For hard-core twin shock racing, the Suzook set-up is often the way to go. The pix below are from Farleigh Castle, but there is a pretty well-attended twin shock /Evo series over there, so the tech gets developed quite aggressively. Just ask Dubach and

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Added a comment about feature Cage Match | Getting Tight & Technical in Endurocross 11/7/2020 7:00 PM
Gordon Lightfoot

With three Canadian men in the top 10 of the Pro class, Shelby Turner kickin' butt everywhere else, and lots of riders in FXR gear, it looks like Canada may be quietly taking over the off-road world. Imagine what they might have done if the border wasn't closed wink ...

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While most of my track experience is in a 4S, the little run time I had in a GT3 suggested to me that one of the key but under-reported upgrades to the GT3 was the removal of 5th gear as an overdrive. That change alone drops a second or two from lap ... more »