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Racer X covered it extensively on their Facebook page

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I have done exactly this and it works great for a year or so, but a bit of rain and sunshine and accumulated dirt and voila, grass growing through it. Would post a pic but it's night time here. I now have to dig up my gravel and replace it. Don't do ... more »

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Whatever someone is willing to pay for it

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Yeah man!!! Welcome. Was gutted to see you go from Racer X as i thought you were walking away! Panic over!

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40:1 (125ml per 5litre) of Castor 927 in my 125.

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If that didn't appeal to you I wouldn't bother watching SX anymore, that was fantastic racing and the broadcast for a change was faultless!

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You are correct sir! Checked my numbers it's a 2002 alright, but has a 2001 swingarm. Peculiar.

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I'll be getting one next month, I've heard horror stories about cheap ones rattling loose and damaging the cylinder.

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I'm not sure, could very well be! How would I be able to tell?

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6D ATR2 seems like a really good helmet but quite expensive, just depends how much your heads worth I suppose. Bell Moto 9 Flex, Airoh Aviator, Fox V3, Shoei VFX, Arai etc all great helmets but high end so £400+ some over £500 As a general rule it's ... more »

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I decided to go with the Polisport restyle kit, at the time I wanted it but I'm not sure if I made the right decision a month later.

Scrub designs in Slovakia did a nice design for me for the graphics. The cuts were incredible and super easy ... more »
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With the clutch basket exposed I couldn't wash the bike or anything so had to wait for new parts to arrive. Looks pretty good with new bits on it. Boyesen cover, AS3 waterpump cover and hoses and a new DEP expansion chamber. Still waiting on new pegs

... more »
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Got this damaged 2002 RM125 a month ago or so, according to the previous owner it had been hit by a car... Don't ask. They bought it in July and had barely used it... Had some pretty cool parts and a nice blue frame.

Did this on a ... more »

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We learned that 2 riders on the same team unfortunately colliding is bad for results. Team USA did fine, they podium without that accident imo.

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Electric start Hydraulic clutch Brembo brakes heard it here first

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I bought a 2002 rm125 3 weeks ago, loved this video. So much fun to ride!

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350 is a great bike, can't go wrong with one a lot of my friends have them. I considered a FC350 as my next bike but ended up with a 125 for the fun factor. Do it!

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Didn't vote because that's a tough one! I love both as they're totally different from one another...

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Loves the back wheel Not for the feint of heart Wants for nothing