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Say it how it is. Respect.

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I'm hearing no fans here in the UK.

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When you buy them pre-cut online from nihilo for example they of course come with a backing on them to protect the adhesive So what I did was, I took those paper backings (that are in the shape of the frame) and traced them over some thick cardboard. ... more »

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A warning shot from GuyB*, it's your lucky day. *Never mind, I see he got the boot.

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Idk man, I would've pumped the brakes on the trash talk, as much as I love it, and as much as Forkner does come across as entitled, the dude can friggin rips... This could get ugly!

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I always thought they looked the part. My brother still has a couple pairs in his garage I think.

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I had shingles 4 years ago and I'm extremely unlucky in that I'm currently suffering from it right now again on my right leg (rare to get it twice) It's miserable, I feel bad for him and anyone who's had it. We've had one of the hottest summers in years ... more »

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I bought a set for my bike and then bought a clear roll of Jessup grip tape and use the old cut outs to cut my own. Clear looks a lot easier on the eyes than black/gray, do they not make a transparent version?

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From what he said on Whiskey Throttle I don't see him racing past 30 honestly, now that he has a family too that seems even more likely. I'd guess that 2022 is Tomac's last season racing professionally.

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Hi mate and welcome! There's a forum section for for bike builds which is exactly what you're looking for! I get lost for hours in there myself as there's some beautiful bikes in there. Happy posting.,46 ... more »

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I feel like Barcia's the type of guy to turn off the Playstation right before you beat him on Tekken so he doesn't lose

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Much in the same way I'm allowed to go to my work and do my job because I'm employed there but customers/enthusiasts/visitors aren't allowed or must adhere to strict guidelines or get escorted off site.

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Amazing race, best of the year maybe? Or Daytona. Incredible. Sucks to see Ken get lapped like that though (twice?)

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I never liked it, I'm not a good starter but I was even worse with launch control. I'm 82kg (without gear) and I never had the front lift when I was dumping it in 2nd.

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If colour choice doesn't bother you TOO much you can pick up a set cheap right before the new colourways drop and if you can find your size, I got last years red/white for half of the RRP on eBay a week or two before the current colours dropped.

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I'm running the Hydrogen Lite and it's very nice

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Did he not prove himself when he won 3 straight Motocross titles? But yeah, an SX title would be the cherry on top, but I don't think anyone is doubting his authenticity as a racer

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I use my left hand for other things too like... you know what doesn't matter what I use it for, I'm alone and nobody else is around so I'll do what I want with it.

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This track needs water and then some more water