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absolutely incredible work!

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just incredible work

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Nice! Thanks Warlock!

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love these. thanks for posting!

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i had both my elbows done in 2011, it was for cubital tunnel syndrome. From what I remember, if your pinky and ring finger go numb, it's cubital tunnel, if it's your index and middle finger, it's carpal tunnel. I tried to get both done at the same time, ... more »

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Thanks for putting it together!

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The state I live in (NJ) tried to open riding areas but were shot down over noise. I grew up on smokers, but if e-bikes allow more riding cause they're quiet, I'm all for it

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Not sure if this is right forum, I see Throttle Jockey is sold out of their 1995 Team Honda Graphics kit, they'll have to wait for multiple orders for them to start up again. In the meantime, I'm wondering if anyone has a kit they'll sell? Thanks

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I had both elbows done in 2011. My right arm was the same story, massive scar tissue. I was pretty discouraged months after the surgery as the numbness and tingling was reduced, but my hands were still aching terribly on the bottom (pinky side). But, ... more »

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It sounded like RC was gonna say "as long as he hits his marks" but then changed his mind lol

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Looks like it's in good shape! Should be a nice job when you're done. Do you have any place to ride around the area?

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I had epicondylitis aka "tennis elbow". a pinched ulnar nerve. Had pain from my neck to the fingers. it would cause only my pinky and ring finger to go numb. Had surgery to re-locate the nerve, took 5 years to heal completely but it was worth it. Dr. ... more »

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jeez that guy is high as a kite

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Every time I hear his name I think of the movie Carlito's Way and "benny blanco from the bronx" lol

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Thanks blaze!

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"I know what I have"

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I've said it before, people in the tri-state area think their shit is gold-plated (at least the NYC metro area). So hard to get a good deal. This was a few years ago, but look at this '86 XR200 that someone was asking $500 for in middlesex county NJ

... more »
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Thanks Blaze!

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ok thanks guys. This one was so cheap it doesn't matter, I'll get a battery one