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I grew up about 10 miles down the road from where Custer lost. He's not too well respected in that immediate area.

Added reply in a thread Scum stole my boys crf50 2/17/2021 9:11 AM

Very cool gesture. And would be a fun project. I've framed and built several 50's...and then a 65...and then an 85. I'm no mechanic, but I'm a lot further than I was thanks to those projects. If I could spend my days in my garage building bikes for a ... more »

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I've been a casual fan for years as I'm into fabrication and the engineering of those cars is off the charts. About 20 years ago I lived in Vegas and got free tickets to the Craftsman truck race. A fight broke out during the national anthem in front

... more »
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bad ass and I want, but can't justify the cost for a good looking piece. Good luck with the sale.

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Awesome dude! Need to update the profile pics to one of those beautiful red machines!!!!!! Good luck!!!

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You don't even feel the $6k for the bike after the first $100k

Congrats. That there is a bad ass setup!!
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You could buy two brand new 250's and have a lot of money left over to take a nice vacation!!

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This is what I was thinking as well. We couldn’t hear the announcers at all over the bike noise the whole night. I’m just happy to have racing back, but would have liked to hear the commentating.

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‘93 Suzuki Katana 600 with the Vance & Hines and a custom white/green/purple/blue flame paint job . Gave $1500 for it to a guy in a pinch. Two years later I was in a pinch and needed money for 9 credits of summer school to graduate college. Sold ... more »

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I bought a kx450 cause Hanny’s looked bad ass. That year he switched to suzuki. The next year I bought a RMZ cause Hanny’s looked bad ass. Then he switched to Honda. I bought a crf450 a year ago cause Hanny’s looks bad ass. Sad part is I’m older than ... more »

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Yesterday.... View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ty Masterpool (@tymasterpool)

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Not sure how they couldn’t have paid him. I’ve spent enough at RMATV this year to probably cover his base salary!

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👆🏼His pipe dented too! That’s pretty crazy. Seen a few online now and they all seem to be pushed in after a few rides.

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Great post!!!! I have a 19 and been my fave bike out of everything I’ve ever owned. I bought a lightly used dual yosh off vital. Made a noticeable difference and I suck. Mainly just looks bad ass.

I did do the Gold Valves. That feels better. ... more »
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Because of this thread, I picked up a 44”. Like mentioned before, they didn’t have the one I wanted so they sold me a floor model and heavily discounted it. My dad had the smaller topper new in a box and didn’t want it so he passed it on to me for the

... more »
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Figured this was the closest of the Geico posts to the top..... just got it in my email.

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Appears Bloss was there too if it hasn’t been mentioned.

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Also out of curiosity, if you take a contract for $75k to ride for a team, do most offer your health insurance and cover a deducible? If you get hurt leading up to SX and don't get to race, do they typically still get paid?

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What does it cost to lease a factory bike anyway? Asking for a friend....