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Depending on the goals and what the diet/calories looks like, I buy the four packs of muscle milk. Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla….to me they’re all good. Minimal calories. 4g of carbs. Good protein. It’s my bedtime snack, if you will. Mind over matter.

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If elbows down is the next big thing, I still got a chance!!!!

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Who is Daniel wrenching for at Star? I thought for sure he was going back to be with Deano as he said bye to his mechanic the day before Daniel said bye to Kawi.

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No dog in this fight, but where I'm at there aren't any (or many) girls that race. I was in Mesquite this past New Years and had the pleasure of watching Tayler Allred. She blew my doors off in practice and most of the dudes in the PRO class that weekend ... more »

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What always blows me away is there are incredibly intelligent and successful people everywhere that get up every day and make an honest days wage that couldn't, for the life of them, figure out how to unlock a KTM ecu. I'm not dumb, but I wouldn't even

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I had never ridden a 250f before until a few weeks ago. I have a '19 CRF 450 and love it, but wanted to try a 250. I found a '19 CRF 250 with only a couple hours on it for a decent deal so I jumped on it. With the exception of the exhaust and front sprocket,

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The Club bikes always look the best to me. So clean. Growing team as well. Glad to see for AMart and the team!!

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I put in two orders last week and paid extra for 2 day shipping. I'm only in Wyoming so usually only takes 3-4 days anyway, but I needed them by the weekend. Both orders made it to North Salt Lake and then got intercepted by ground, which threw it off ... more »

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Mine are insured with Foremost. Never had an issue on mine or with anyone else’s. The comment about subrogating back on the track could be a possibility though. I don’t disagree there. And racing damage could also be an issue. Depends on what you tell ... more »

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Clason I believe.

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I sell it for a living. I have a crf 450 and crf 250. Full coverage on both (comp and collision - so includes fire, theft, etc) is about $150/year. They aren’t street legal obviously, so I have minimum liability and $250 deductibles. I also have med ... more »

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Almost positive I couldn’t even start it with it on the left!

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Sheesh....I'd hate to see the "project bike" if that's the one he's selling!

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I have a video of it and can’t get it to upload

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Funny story about this bike.... About 20 years ago, a couple buddies and I went up to Winnipeg and visited a classy establishment named "Teasers." One of the locals that was performing that night decided to take my Jordan hat off my head and wore it

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Melon #123
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Hey man lot of people here pulling for you and a lot more that aren’t posting! When I went through it the muscle aches were fairly intense and my fever was off the charts - freezing cold and then short time later I had to change clothes cause I was drenched. ... more »

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They been yackin on IG for a couple days. What’s more ‘telling’ to me is the sheer volume of comments Steve takes the time to reply to and dig himself even deeper into assholedom. Only responds to guys defending Denny. Dudes got loads of time on his ... more »

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I respect this cause like your IG post said, that track probably favored Roczen, who beat your guy. You call em like you see them, no matter who’s involved. 👍🏼