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Idk it may be a stretch but wasn’t it known that White made parts years ago while at Honda and the same with Butler at Yamaha? Idk if it’s the bike as much as people in positions within Yam making the calls. With that being said I do think there is a ... more »

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My only hope is that they never extend the SX season. Riders getting hurt while riding is the reality of the sport I know. Ghost

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I’ve over paid on 4 bikes I currently own. I’m not proud of it either... Ghost

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I was at Dilla that day. I stood There and yelled, clapping the whole moto as he passed until he went down. Literally the only person cheering for him, I found that odd.... Ghost

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Can’t wait! One orange one, one white one and one red one...😏

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I have to say When you think of how much money it takes in Titanium to drop this much weight I find it interesting. I could bend a lot of these before reaching $3000, just my opinion. Change is good. Ghost

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Wow those are Great shots! Thanks for sharing. Ghost

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Huh, bad stuff stemming from Nigeria. Who would of guessed that... OBTW: Great investigative work! Ghost

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Blu Cru...25 hours on dirty oil or not that’s a POS tranny imo. Just say’n. That’s not just some bad luck. Ghost

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I’ve owned about every major brand. I look at it like this. If the bike won 6 shootouts but your not a fan in your heart of the brand or in general don’t gel with it, then you’ll never be happy. If you like Suzuki’s in general then you’ll be happy. You’ll ... more »

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I’m not 100% sure in 2007 (still YOT?) but in 2008 his 250F’s were E10 mods built bikes. They were rippers! Ghost

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I’ve been kicking around the idea... Ghost

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Moto obsessed Thank you. That stuff was 🔥 Ghost

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My only problem with it is, well there’s 3. 1) Price. 2) The splashed paint area on the ab of the jersey does not line up with the sleeves. 3) The Answer logo should be over the front of the thigh on the pants, and much larger. IMO the original was petty ... more »

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I do know at 2018 MXDN at RedBud that Coldenhoff fried his motor in moto 1 and raced a bone stock KTM 450SX-F in moto 2. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Ghost

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So did they cancel the Savings code officially? Ghost

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Nice Ride!🎄 I can’t imagine my parents buying me bikes at that age. They bought a ct70(used) ,DS80(used) and a kx80(new) at this time me being 14. As time passed my parents would throw the bikes up in my face until I was about 39 years old. Yes, my whole ... more »

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I have a JT Jersey in very good condition. Size Large. I will accept Fox Racing or Answer Racing ,Sinisalo 80’/90’s pants/jerseys (Size Large/XL/36”),roost guard/chest protector. Asking $130 shipped in lower 48 only. Ghost 44 zero-222-52 zero seven

... more »

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Based off of the other thread about brand ambassadors, this should really move some units...😏 Ghost

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