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(2) FMF Titanium 2.1’s for KTM 125/150 •Part number UPP1605070 Asking $250 each shipped, Retail $500. LOWER 48 ONLY!!! Text: four four 0- two two 2- five two zero 7 Ghost

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I am up north but definitely think the southern guys deserve more then they get. I think a round down south being round 1 or round 2 would work out great. I know the industry prefers Pala I’m sure. Ghost

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I have a brand new Complete seat for a factory edition. I’m not 100% sure on what model/year it will fit? Part number in photos. No international shipping and lower 48 only. Asking $115 shipped Ghost (Four Four zero) 22two-52 zero seven

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Very well done

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JT$ will be here shortly....

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Walter is really good and such a great person.
He did my TM but like Ping said works on all makes/models.

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Darkside would love to own this....

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Because I like a guys riding, doesn’t mean I’m Going to live my life like him. I know who I am and I don’t need rolls models at my age. Burn on bro...🤙🏻

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Dylan Danger Zone ... -Weege

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Idk about the positive or negative affects of any drug but I certainly don’t want to be riding with people drunk or high. Although I know many that are. Must be a out of touch with the world to want to ride sober... Ghost

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Thanks for sharing! There weren’t many job options in Penn/WV area back then. Both of my grandfathers were miners one at 12 and one at 13 years old. So both only had a middle school education. One had black lung really bad and the other had a mangled ... more »

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If you don’t like it don’t buy it. Pretty Simple...

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I have a 2012 with lots of mods and around 19 hours. Wonder what is worth to some one...? Haha Glad you found one. Ghost

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You make Lots of good points, you are probably right but this money being handed out isn’t life changing. Child tax credit, Crappy stimulus checks. Most people are spending beyond their means. Fixed rate or not, not all job markets will stay strong beyond ... more »

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Watched a Realtor speak for about 20 mins about the housing market. He said that we’re in a bubble, this one in particular started in 2012 and it’s peaking. He said it will end and it won’t be good when it does. I just affiliate what I heard with bikes, ... more »

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B-Kit From RG3 for my RMZ450. Anodized,DLC goodies. Don’t get me wrong, they’re a great upgrade but once I got them back and the fork tube color was wrong I wasn’t happy... Good news , After I called I found out it was the right color! The bad news is ... more »

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If They ever went into production I would of bought them. I thought they were awesome looking. Nice change of pace. Ghost

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J-Law almost winning...🤙🏻

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I received my email after work today. Went to Renen USA, loaded a cart up. Went to checkout and the site said unavailable. So all of you saved me $270. Thank you! Ghost

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I’m not a fan of GT either but I just moved along after a few episodes. It’s a tough listen to my ears. There are plenty of other options Out there so I don’t see The problem. Ghost