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Well that was he most polite pile up I’ve ever watched.

I did the same thing at vet fest right at that spot. Clearly not as brutal but that’s def a pinch point.

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Day in the life of an orthopedic consult. Keep that money flowin.

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How long do they use them for ?

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2,056 miles away. Won’t be able to make it. Plus it’s in California.

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Terrafirma II Lampson edit was awesome. Back then I guess we called them features not edits?

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Wait a gotta wait YEARS for a procedure if you don’t have private health insurance ? Good lord. Just come to America through an ER. They’ll have that shit fixed and send him on his way. John Doe knee replacement.

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Shitty part about this is, now hes been dragged through the mud. Damage is done. Hes fucked. This whole process sucks.

Started new thread What happened to the yearly LL thread? 7/14/2018 7:51 AM

Can’t remember who would post it. But don’t recall seeing it the last couple years. Had a bunch of great tips for you to adhere to throughout the week.....who did that ? Bring it back.

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Yea used to be you wanted to be on the fence to watch the carnage in the first turn. Now it’s like a feckin a class, no comedy in watching.

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Much ty

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Nice bikes in here.

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Nursing is an expense. There’s no way to bill for nursing services. They’re an hourly expense on the hospital. A billable service is antthing at the provider level. Great profession for non head of household. Aka wife..... If you wanna work a lot, they ... more »

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Make contact with front wheel it’s a take out.

Make contact with your rear wheel? It’s a pass. Forkner shoulda checked up.

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Leave a shirt you wore the previous day with her when you’re gone.

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Looks better than I expected. I could get used to that...nice bike.

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Quit nursing school. Get a mechanical engineering degree. And just bust your ass as a mechanic and maybe one day roger decoster will hire you. I’m a nurse, it sucks. Dead end job. get out while you can. Nursing is not a billable service. It’s an expense ... more »

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That doesn’t make any sense. Did he qualify in c or b ?

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Split second decisions. On the most aggressive portion of the race...first lap. How dare he appear to be intentionally cross jumping. They’re racin. Roczen settled the score next corner. and they continued racing. Get over it !!!!!

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O’Neal holds up. Love it.

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