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$5,800 2019 Honda CRF250R 35 hours New plastics and graphics New brakes Tires are in great condition Mika Metals Handlebars Ride Engineering Bar Mounts ASV folding levers Works Connection Engine Plugs Throttle Jockey Seat Cover Fresh grease of wheels,

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Just because your a fan doesn't mean it's not the case... That line isn't going to be short that's for sure.

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I run 33's on my CRF450 and have to change them out all of the time. I have had a set of the MX-ST's on my CR250 for a while now (over a year) and I'm a fan. They surprised the shit out of me and performed WAY better than I expected in every condition ... more »

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This place is making its comeback to the "Glory Days" of Missouri motocross. MAKE THE DRIVE! Huge props to AT Industries, Inc. out of Kansas City for throwing up $1,000 to the pro purse AND to Tim and Chad Vaughn adding in another $500.00! Heck Dave ... more »

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Pick up a LAPKING gps device. It's a great app and uses the Dual GPS unit. Built by moto guys for moto guys.

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This might be one of the best threads on this site in a while. I will be following a long to see what everyone has to say. I love that we have an "anyone can win" situation right now. I think the biggest reason why is because I don't have a "favorite ... more »

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Wow... I'm always surprised by the amount of people just don't understand how all of this works.

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This kept me out of the Highpoint National in 2018. I started the bike and road it to the gate for the LCQ, rolled it into staging, time to fire the bike up, and it just cranked forever. Gate dropped and I'm sitting there pushing the start button. It ... more »

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I just picked this up two weeks ago. 07 with less than 10 hours. I don’t want to sell... more so just wanted to show it off. Even had to have the wife unload it because I’m out with a shoulder injury.

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2017 Honda CRF450R - $5,500 53 Hours (been sitting since June) Works Connection Radiator Braces Works Connection Clutch Perch/Lever Factory Connection Forks and Shock Valving Factory Connection Shock Linkage Guts Seat Gripper Seat Cover New Plastics/Graphics

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Here’s one from Open Pro Sport at Sunset Ridge in Illinois back in 2017.

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I started riding when I was young but didn't start racing until I was 12. I just tried my first couple Outdoor Nationals this summer at the age of 29. (Colorado, High Point, Muddy Creek) Looking to give it another shot in 2019 if my recovery goes as ... more »

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Your heart must be broken.

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You get what you pay for.

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Check out the LapKing App for your phone. It's not really a "training app" but it is a lot of fun to use and is very accurate. Not to mention the guys who run it are as cool as the other side of the pillow. Check it out.

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I have so much to say that I don't even know where to start...