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Man I'm from the UK and we've had no significant lockdowns that would even remotely affect his business. The only restrictions that have been in place the last load of months are to do with stadium gatherings and pubs/clubs etc. This guy is clearly very ... more »

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Are you sure the 98 is going E10? I'm from the UK so might be different but the government website stated 95 is going E10 and 98 id staying E5?

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Riding injured is one thing, riding where you can't feel a hand and as a result cant feel the motorcycle properly is another. I hope he's just exaggerating and if he isn't then I just hope he doesn't do more harm to himself or anyone else until it's ... more »

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I'm a massive AC fan but if he did say this then for his and everyone elses safety he should not be racing. If it's that bad, go get it fixed and start 2022 healthy

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I agree with the critiques on what the cameras focus on but as far as I know Weege and Grant are told to only talk about what the cameras are focused on so they can't start going "off topic" about what us viewers are focusing on. All in all to say yes ... more »

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Didn't realise this was a thing for American bicycles (I'm from UK) but the only time I came across this was on a holiday to France as a child. Me and my brother had rented bicycles on the local campsite and made a sweet track that involved doing a 180

... more »
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Man it worries me that someone who did that amount of worl to your bike also forgot to soak clutch plates before installing them, I would be less than confident that everything else has been installed correctly especially if it dropped a valve. If i ... more »

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Maybe I'm in the minority, but I cannot stand D'Cor visuals designs. I think I've seen maybe 1 or 2 over the years that actually look to have been designed well, but for the most part their graphics are poorly thought out and executed. I miss the One-Industries

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I love the chevy logo on the skid plate, probably because they knew it would show itself more than the logo on his shrouds

what a man ... more »
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If this is true, who do you think KTM try and get in instead of him or do they stick with Coop and Marvin for another year then go from there?

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The moto gods were somewhat looking out for you on that one! Was that the Husky 125 shipped over in a few bags?

hows the recovery going as well dude?
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And absolutely useless for this particular job to be done properly

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Just to play conspiracy theorist for a moment, do you think KTM bringing back a 250 effort might be linked to this? I know they have Vohland on the team now but seems like quite a big effort to make for just 1 kid and if they have a strong idea that ... more »

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Not sure what the setup is on the chain tensioner on a YZF but sounds chain related to me. Was the cam chain replaced and was the tensioner re-fitted and tensioned correctly?

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Probably fuel related as already stated but for what its worth I had the same bike a few years back and turns out the crank had started to fail and starved the top end of oil wearing the cam journals and would do this exact thing. After looking at the ... more »

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I just use clippers so about once a week is good enough for me, if I invest in a good skull shaver i might be able to stretch it to every 2 weeks and it'd be a lot quicker to do. Having a beard definitely helps balance the look of a bald top I think,

... more »
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I know this won't exactly be the reply you're looking for but still feel like weighing in. I'm 30 now and took the plunge to shave about 3 years ago after it started thinning badly from about 20 onwards. I'd made my peace with it long ago but my finacé

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Return to the shop where the work was done and don't touch it if it wasrunning fine before they worked on it

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Ill definitely agree on the RC/Stew topic but I have to say I've never understood the upset over the lites term. It essentially sums up what the class is and given the fact that most pros who raced the class still refer to it as the lites class yesrs ... more »

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Sorry to maybe ask a stupid question but just checking you're greasing each seal before you press it in? As jbone said near the start new shaft may be required