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Its very early in the day to call it but I award you "douche of the day" for that, well done for outing yourself

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Probably an unpopular opinion but I think the Star bikes look awful. The lines and flow don't work at all and nothing blends well together, it looks so disjointed across every part. Andersons and Savatgys Kawis though are the exact opposite and look ... more »

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Completely agree and you nailed it all on the head. The unrelenting consistency, ability to avoid injury at almost every crash he had and accolades he collected throughout his career make him the top choice for me. His off-the-bike life looks pretty ... more »

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Man Dungey's style is immaculate and, in those short clips at least, he looks to be riding more aggresively than he has in the past! Regardless of how he does it's awesome to see such a legend back out there racing!

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The only advice I can offer is to focus on mental clarity (in all aspects of life but probably best and easiest to start with MX). Think of it this way, you attract what you believe and feel. It's almost like spotting a rock on the track one lap and ... more »

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I believe it was Brian Moreaus incident that made the TLD team change their own mount position, whether that also influenced the AMAs decision to change the rule I'm not sure but I believe they thought the GoPro might have worsened Brians crash and therefore ... more »

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I think he means when you move between pages on vital and an ad loads, he places his cursor over where the skip ad button appears and finally stuck the landing

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Just to confirm, both sides need bleeding like any traditional fork. I know the video shows that but just checking because you only said about the AER side needing bled. As people have said there is so much to tinker with in these forks to get them working ... more »

Started new thread HGS exhaust for 2020 CRF250 11/29/2021 5:15 AM

Has anyone fitted one or got any performance info on an HGS for the 2018-2021 CRF250s? Currently trying to decide between an HGS and a Yoshi system (swaying towards the Yoshi because they go together like bread and butter but fancy the HGS for something ... more »

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As in the silver spacer between wheel and fork lug? That shouldn't spin freely so you're ok, bearing will spin internally via the axle

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Beautiful bikes fellas but are yous all taking your bikes into the upside down to have your fork stickers fitted?!

... more »
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Not all black but quite a bit of it, i think any bike that you want to do black needs something to break it up whether its grey, white or any colour
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When they're pumping as much money into the sport as they are and have been for years, I don't mind seeing it everywhere. People are quick to complain about it but also easily forget they're the first to complain about getting more money into the sport. ... more »

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I believe the oil pump idler gear is a piece to watch out for. It is made from plastic if I remember correctly and is known to fail and cause oil starvation and further damage. Other than that they're fairly reliable, I had one and loved it ... more »

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It was in Ryan Dungeys Whiskey Throttle Show if I remember correctly!

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I can't remember if it was one of his own videos or someone else's I'd seen before but the reason is that if you hang further bars with your arms extended you have less control over the bike to correct the pitch and direction. Having your head over the ... more »

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Holy Christ can we just stop with the Covid (and especially vaccine) back and fourth. There are plenty of other sites to debate that on if you want to, how the hell every topic now seems to end up there is beyond me and detracts from the reason we are

... more »
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Dude, ease up on the topic-making, every fleeting thought that passes through your head doesn't have to end up on Vital

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Let me introduce you to our country's "North vs South" mindset. As you say there is a clear and obvious team to select based solely on merit, but the MCUI are more concerned with having the Southern portion of our Island represented thus the fallout. ... more »

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Just got finished listening and what a fantastic interview that was. The whole family seem like true grafters and as others have said, they have the perfect balance of confidence, determination and respectfulness which makes them so likeable. Jett has ... more »