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High Point Raceway is always spectacular !!!! I plan to attend.

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A horrible low quality scan of a photo I took of Johnny O'Mara on a Suzuki 125cc at Unadilla in 1989. THIS IS HOW A MOTOCROSS TRACK SHOULD LOOK !!!

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We can all learn from this near-miss. Thank God he didn't get punctured. I'm actually surprised that the sharp sign post picture is still viewable on VITALMX?

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crowe660 stated," The comments on that pinkbike post make vitalmx look like a church." BEST PINKBIKE COMMENT: Hey, if I ever leave a bunch of valued stuff in a van in a shit hole crime ridden swamp of a city and it all gets stolen: Raise a wad of cash ... more »

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quadxrulebro ........ You're assuming a single self defense weapon? It would be prudent to keep a short-barrel shotgun under the bench seat and a mini 9mm "backup" in the bottom of the toolbox. Insurance on the 1981 Yamaha is cheap through ... more »
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Titan1 stated. "So the leader has to spend a lap battling with lappers.. Does this system not unfairly punish the leader of the race? Similar to Stage Races in NASCAR?

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I think the “250 East / West Supercross Series” has run its course. Most of these guys have the support truck going to each coast anyway. Make both classes, National Championships, no limits. Also, I think Supercross Futures, along with Scouting Moto ... more »

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The AMA permits equal displacement racing. Feld Entertainment, Daytona Motorsports Group, and MX Sports keep the ridiculously outdated “Double-Displacement Rule” in effect in Professional Racing. The manufacturers will build whatever CC’s the rules allow

... more »
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Never, ever, talk about anyone getting hurt, or the last time you crashed. Slightly drop and scratch every "new" helmet.

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Pretty good video from A.J. Catanzaro @ Dade City MX in Florida.
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Decal Works from about 25 years ago at the 1998 AMA Pro National @ Southwick MA. Unsure if I've seen many of these around, but very nice !!! Thanks for the DECAL Works support Ron. Boy, I wish I still had that Pro Circuit Kawasaki KX 250cc.

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Terrific news. Hope Cooper Webb and everyone else is OK. Unsure if it's been mentioned yet, but How in the world did he save that case !!!! Talent and works suspension I bet.

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I believe North Carolina Motorsports Park and 5 Points MX are both open every day, but check. County Line MX, Dreamville MX, Cow Branch MX, West Craven MX, or South Fork MX in southern Virginia are all good choices for weekends.

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Crush wrote.:"Perhaps, but end of the day Feld would have to want to go get it and since they already dq’d Bogle it’s like they didn’t investigate properly." "Shocking I know." I don't think anyone would be shocked, even if a video clearly showed a nasty ... more »

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Riddle me this...... .doesn't Feld Entertainment actually OWN the rights to any "on track" video, or even video taken inside the stadium? I remember discussions surrounding this a few years back. . Demand it from Justin Barcia, "Post Race Safety Review",or

... more »
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Tek14 stated,” Bogle should be not allowed to race next week after this bonehead move” I’d be fine with that, BUT if Justin Barcia releases the video footage without the incident with Juston Bogle, that would be hiding evidence, thus out for the next ... more »

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The whoops are the only place "clean" passing occurs regularly. The author wrote." what point does the difficulty of the whoops go from separating the talented from the slightly less talented and become a roulette wheel of potential doom?" ... more »

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KennyT stated."........getting rid of East/West would solve a problem of backmarkers,", "..... talented east lineup who we are not seeing ". EXCELLENT IDEA !! Another idea I'd like to see is instead of the Triple Crown rounds, where it's usually decided ... more »

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Joe.Kersanty correctly stated.” Anyone who ever tried their hand at a pro national will always see the 250f as the greatest cheater bike that ruined the sport”. Why is the seriously outdated “Double-Displacement Rule” STILL present in professional motocross?

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