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Your track looks awesome from Google Maps. We are planning on Saturday @ West Craven, then staying the night in Greenville. THANKS !!! We haven't ridden in ten weeks, so after a full day of deep sand, I'm not sure how much we'll really need to ride. Sucks getting older, but very much look forward to meeting you.

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Cool, Saturday sounds great! If we don't get anymore rain the track will be MINT! I will text you later today with my number and address!

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We are riding West Craven this Friday and would love to ride at your place Saturday, if you are having anyone over. 50 year old guys, expert, but still old. Allen Gavlak (717) 609-2022. We stay in Greenville Friday night and were planning on 5 Points or Hog Heaven Saturday.

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Thanks BobbyM and early. Ron Lechien's sweet, effortless, feet on the pegs, hook slide at 4:27 in the 1985 Carlsbad GP is amazing !!!!!!

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Thanks for posting !!!! Unadilla is still amazing, but excessive grooming and man-made obstacles ruin the track in my opinion. We just had the "best" Supercross of the year in Oakland, and people refuse to believe it was BECAUSE IT GOT RUTTED. The people

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I’m sure that lowered floor is EXPENSIVE, but a pretty sweet setup. Often times you can compress the forks with a tie down between the handlebar and lower fork leg to get the bike in, and I have even seen people remove the front wheel and use a wheelbarrow ... more »

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I'm sure the "Race Bike" has all the costly titanium bits, but if it's a 250F, those things are time-bombs. Due to the severely outdated 'Double-Displacement Rule" still being in place in Professional Racing, most riders either train on a Big-Bore 250F ... more »

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One can only hope the Press Release will be that MX Sports is permitting equal displacement racing and FINALLY getting rid of the severely outdated 'Double-Displacement Rule" in Professional Racing. The AMA Classes have always been 125 and 250, with

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This kid is doing this all wrong, but everyone in a 125cc or 250cc Supercross Main Event should earn $2,000.

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2007 Kawasaki KX 250cc 2 Stroke ( Pro Circuit suspension, motor work,)

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All the winter coats made me remember that the last 4 AMA Nationals, Budds Creek, Unadilla, Binghamton and Steel City were in late September and early October. Hmmmmm, seems weird the riders complain about a long season now. I remember a Saturday Technical ... more »

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God, I miss the sounds of 125cc two strokes @ the AMA Nationals !!!! Thanks for all the great pictures guys, here are some of mine from 1999, 2006 & 2013.

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Not the "Surprise Pick of Season", but it would be cool to see Jeremy Martin win one before dropping down to the 125cc Class. He sure rode a big bike good at Daytona in March.

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BS12 and and Cygrace74, from the other side........ What about customer pet peeves from a dealership perspective? ….. Can you match the Bike Bandit, Motorcycle Superstore price? …… How much to install this tire I bought online? ………. Not bringing the ... more »

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I think the Triple Crown format is a recipe for more injuries with the Supercross Main Events being six minutes +1 lap for the first main, ten minutes plus +1 for the second. Two 20 Minute Main Events would accomplish the same end result of having the ... more »

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Yes there is in Pennsylvania. I have been stopped for no other reason than the Officer said they had a "Notice of Cancellation", from an insurance company when he ran my plate. I had changed companies and had all the paperwork with me to verify. I honestly ... more »

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How can you guys have a quote like " Did a Monster Girl " and NOT have a Monster Girl picture? Pathetic.........

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Awesome Oct 9th PulpMX Show…………Laughing out loud to the Jeremy McGrath interview regarding psyching out the competition at the Anaheim Supercross in 2000. The best part was hearing Jeremy McGrath discuss how they’d jump EVERYTHING on the track the first ... more »

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1. Southwick, MA …. last Saturday open practice !!!! 2. Steel City, PA 3. High Point, PA 4. Pleasure Valley, PA 5. Field of Dreams, PA 6. Doublin Gap, PA 7. Sleepy Hollow MX, PA 8. Happy Ramblers, MX, PA 9. South Mountain MX, PA 10. Mifflin County MX, ... more »

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Some hilarious quotes about 21 minutes into the interview, knowing how steep “real” Supercross triples are, his quotes are very good……………. “My first year of Supercross was embarrassing” “How could you even circle around one of those tracks, it was an ... more »

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