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Tough, gnarly track was VERY GOOD. Conditions as such enabled Blake Baggett to go from 40th - 7th and 38th - 5th . The 450cc motos were some of the best all year.

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And they are significantly lighter. "Unsprung weight", is the most important kind.

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The four-stroke is NOT a better machine, they are just given an enormous displacement advantage. E veryone knew it was a problem 10 years ago. I always like to offer a solution, and not just bitch. The Pirelli Auto Racing Series uses a "Balance of Performance"

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From a few years back, but lovely.....

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Budds Creek is one of the absolute best motocross tracks on the planet. Terrific hills, off camber turns, ruts, bumps, wide, excellent viewing, elevation, sand, traction, etc. At risk of being “cut” or “deleted”, we have to ask if maybe it’s time for ... more »

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It’s like déjà vu all over again. “There is a Drug Ring in MX Sports” actually might be a more credible quote now? Similar to when President Donald J. Trump tweeted, “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my wires tapped in Trump Tower”. Both statements ... more »

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Reynardfan1 asked, “Can someone tell me when they stopped doing track prep between the 250 and 450 motos?” With exception for the first turn and start area, I don’t think they EVER prepped between 250 and 450 motos? The track at Thunder Valley looked

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The commentaters were excellent and the track looked very good. So glad they didn't groom at intermission. My girfried couldn't understand why I was laughing so hard at Grant Langston's, "Slamming that berm" comment. She doesn't listed to PULPMX.

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jeffro503 wrote,: With the rules now.......not much of a chance at all for the guys on the 2 strokes." That is great, thanks for sharing and thanks Racer X !!! The two-stroke being lighter, lets Steinke really charge into the downhills. He has a better

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It’s not just Bob Hannah that thinks the four-stroke advantage is flawed. Here are some quotes from current Pro racers, past Champions, and Industry Representatives from other PULPMXSHOW podcasts. • “You think it’s a good idea for a kid to go from an

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Hope Christian Craig is alright. Leg looked messed up. It was nice to see that they did not excessive groom between motos or at intermission. Ruts, Bumps, and a tough track.........excellent racing with plenty of places to pass.

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WADA needs to go away. Timed Practice needs to go away, permanent numbers need to go away, excessive grooming needs to go away, these polls need to go away, and last, but not least, double-displacement needs to go away.

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BobKerr wrote,"I don't have access to a license plate database. Do you guys?" There was an issue, at a well known track in Maryland, where nefarious characters were walking around the motocross pits snapping photos of license plates on vans and enclosed ... more »

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mb60 wrote, "I hope that mx sports has the vision to get on board with the 125 class" There is a 125 Class, MX Sports just lets 250cc four-strokes race in it, using severely outdated Supplemental Rules for AMA Professional Racing. I'm not against four-strokes,

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BlackDiamond wrote…….. “Is the AMA, MX Sports, Lucas Oil Motocross and others involved in the motocross cash machine willing to ride the four stroke gravy train into the ground? EVERYONE KNEW THE RULES WERE FLAWED 10 YEARS AGO. “We should have seen the

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Another problem with the huge jumps is that it does NOT help the racing, it hurts it. No rider wants to jump them side by side and they often become one-lined. Hangtown was awesome with plenty of passing due to whoops, ruts, off-cambers, limited grooming,

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Again, a thread without pictures? .............. come on fellow Vitards !!!!!

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REALLY RIDICULOUS.......... 45 guys trying to qualify in the 450cc Class? There used to be 100 riders in each class !!! One of the guys in charge made a narrow minded comment, “We’re going to race the bikes the manufacturers make”. That’s ridiculous, ... more »

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Great points by GuyB, thanks. Your statement,” I also think that penalties should be issued by folks within our series, like reps from the various OEMs, or the AMA; not outside of it.” It is common business practice to avoid even the appearance of impropriety, ... more »

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I spit coffee all over my desk moments ago, you’ll laugh !!!! • Jason Anderson states, “It’s up to Gallagher man, he makes great ones too” ( decisions ) • “The Points Champion just took a dig at the head AMA official in public, and everyone laughs” • ... more »