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The games started to suck after they went to Unreal Engine in my opinion. I really loved the feeling of MXGP 2 I've played that more than any of Milestones MX/SX games and I've got every single one installed in my steam library.

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It wasn't malicious it was genuine curiosity. It didn't occur to me than geographical location would factor into it honestly. Great racing is great racing regardless of where it takes place!

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And there's me thinking I'd seen the last of the Hetlings USA threads..

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In theory Covington should consistently be beating Hunter every weekend. Whether that actually happens or not is a whole different story.

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I really like having Ricky in the booth

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My guess would possibly be cost? Lack of R&D time? The makeover the 450 got was extreme last year I'm struggling to think when a modern 450 got that much of a change in 1 year. My guess would be by 2021 the KX250 will be up to par with the 19 450 ... more »

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People may dog on us Vital users but tell me now, how many times have you had a shitty day at work or saw something that bothered you and you've come on here and suddenly felt much better because you saw something funny? A few times for me! I like this ... more »

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Ran 100% Racecrafts until my dog chewed the foam out, got Scott Prospects and I love them. Both are good imo. Prospects however suck for tear-offs because the outriggers are so big. I can never get more the 3 on there.

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Takes me around 35 minutes to find the right video. I never make it past the intro.

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Webb is one DNF away from handing it over to Eli. Don't think it can happen? Look at Forkner as a prime example. And be had an even bigger lead. It's not over until Webb crosses the checkers at Vegas. It's very much still up in the air.

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Careful, I got hammered for making a thread about that LOL

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My username is Casey313 if you want to add me

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I'm watching it now after seeing this thread. Amazing. The atmosphere is incredible! I knew a little about F1 because Hamilton is always on the news here in the UK. We definitely need something like this for Moto. Outdoors maybe?

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Barcia, Plessinger, Febvre and now Ferris all get hurt on Yamaha's. I bet they're pulling their hair out!!

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Got a set of Fox 360 (Premium) in 2016 that is still going strong with only a small hole in the calf. The gloves are still in great condition too no rips or holes. Got a set of Thor Sector (Budget) after Christmas and 3 rides in already has a hole in ... more »

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My Facebook name was Chris P Bacon for years. Changed it one night while drunk to piss off my other half so that on her profile it said "in a relationship with Chris P Bacon". She wasn't too amused. I thought it was hilarious. Anyway I wasn't allowed ... more »

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Me and some old friends used to love LOTR. We used to sit around watching these voiced over LOTR scenes on YouTube when we had the giggles in the shed. I ended up changing my Tag on Xbox to "Gandorlf" (a play on Gandalf) quite a few years ago. Now when ... more »

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I use my odi flights fatbar on the farthest away setting (closest to front) but tilted backwards. Theyve got quite a modest bend and they're rubber mounted along with full waffle grips. I also use those composite arc levers as they're very flexible too. ... more »

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Not worth listening to?