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I like to lowball, and have scored some really great deals over the years. It's been a mix of up-front lowball offers before seeing the item, or lowball after seeing it. How you communicate with a seller makes a huge difference in how likely you are ... more »

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Didn't read anything in the first post or the replies, but just like a no-hitter in baseball, once you talk about it, it's not gonna happen.

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Since when do they let people race with only numbers on the front plate?

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I enjoyed the racing. It was a different format and I thought it was fun watching everyone sprint it out. Yes there were added commercial breaks, but that is what fishing forums and Instagram are for.....If they improve the tracks with more passing opportunities ... more »

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Exactly...Isn't Dungey's official job position at KTM brand ambassador anyways?

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Marvin Musquin: “After qualifying 3rd today, I went down hard in the whoops in my heat race. I landed on my left shoulder and felt really beat up. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to line up for the rest of night. I'm really disappointed about that given ... more »

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Marvin had to leave the track too after taking a hit to his shoulder..Should he be asking for a 2 for 1 deal with Tomac on shoulder surgery too?...

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Isn't this the same chick that was dating Trey Canard at one point too? Maybe i'm wrong but I remember someone mentioning a pro-hoe jumping from rider to rider a few years back. Either way, I'm glad Roczen stood up to the faceless IG poster who chose ... more »

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I'm not in any place to criticize a rider with multiple championships under his belt, but like others have mentioned I've scratched my head with Eli's lack of urgency to get back going when he has tipped over, gone down in a soft crash etc. Maybe he ... more »

Added reply in a thread Tomac is dirty 5/6/2017 11:02 PM This came to mind as far as recent racing that had title implications. It's not like this is the first time a guy racing for champion$$$hips does what they have to do in the attempt to win. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. ... more »

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My following comments are based on the assumption that most of the people replying in the thread were watching on tv and not in the stadium. That being said, if you were to turn the volume off on the tv and watch that race would you have gotten so worked ... more »

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He's right, it's just a dirt bike race. He came in 3rd place in one race of the most prestigious form of indoor motocross series, potentially on his way to ANOTHER championship. Should he just retire now because it's all been a waste?

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7 races...Tomac would need to average ~3 points more than Dungey to make it happen. Gonna be an interesting finish to the season..I'm hoping for a Vegas nail biter! We as fans deserve some suspense after too many recent runaway points championships

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Holy shit that just made my mouth water! Gonna have to get one of those for New Years eve now.

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I feel bad for James Stewart when he hits 50-60 years old. All of these injuries are going to take their toll. Plenty of other riders will be in the same position, but a lot of them didn't make the money that he did where he could have just walked away ... more »

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God dammit..I knew there were two "A's" and still typed it wrong. Guess I was being too high and mighty with the spelling correction attempt...Fuck me.

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Because dude spelled McKaye.."Mcaye"?.....HA!

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On Thursday April 7th, it will be 21 years since I was introduced to the idea of the drug and alcohol-free punk movement called straight edge. In those 21 years: I've never beaten anyone up I've never "preached" my "lifestyle" onto others I've seen countless ... more »

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Sotille's fastest lap was more due to local knowledge and track conditions early in practice, it hadn't really turned to shit at that point. Southwick has always been a place where locals stood a decent chance when the mx series rolled into town.

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I didn't think of that! Totally worth it