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what recession?

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I run a 14 tooth on my 22. It clears. Such a good mod. Surprised more people dont go this route.

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that would be pretty bad ass on my new 22 450x! Already have the xtrig clamps on it. Little more than what I need but very sweet! GLWTS

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here is a link to my 2022 CRF450RX

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I've seen stock oem Honda bar mount studs bend all the time in crashes over the years, Yamaha's too. But bend, not break. Thats because of the rubber cones. Going solid, something has to give.

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really? maybe for supercross but everywhere else 24 is what everyone uses, including team honda. Just ask ML512. I run them at 24 on mine and it make all the difference. As a note, the way it is described to me is the linkage is too firm, holding the ... more »

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strange grown men are judging another mans diet. Isn't that what chicks do? You try running a qualifying race, lcq and then a main event on a supercross track and get back to us about his diet, bro

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AP title contender? Really, based off one ride? Ah no.

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ML512, will the 2023 Honda's come with the HRC linkage? Is FC building one we can buy?

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yes, I agree 100%. I have tried a half dozen ratios so far. 14/47 seems to be the best overall but could definitely use a 6th gear. Going to try and live with it but may end up going back to a 450x, it has a six speed. Just trying something different. ... more »

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I picked up a 22 crf450rx and one of the first things I did was have Twisted remap the stock ecu. It tended to flame out too much, this fixed it. I ride off road so I geared it accordingly for my area. Only issue is I feel it needs to rev out farther ... more »

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dude, your just as bad as the media. Post stuff without even looking into why. California is open for business. The football game was cancelled because too many players tested positive, not because the state said so. Do some homework next time before ... more »

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thinking a linkage change is most likely, not just the link arms. I do know the current one ramps up quick and puts a lot of weight on the front. Factory Connection is working on a replacement now. I thought I saw a picture of a JCR 450RX with a pro ... more »

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so Billy, if those hangers are exactly the same as stock dimension wise, but steel, are they 9 times stiffer than the stock aluminum?

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chevy won the nascar championship. I am thinking its time to buy one so I can win too!

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your so clueless. Bitch about twice pipes cause its too heavy, they drop it for a single and you still complain. KTM makes their bikes light by air forks and all kinds of shit to get dumbasses like you to drink the koolaid. Now Honda does it and rather ... more »

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hoping tomorrow is the 2021 CRF250F press release. I think the stock market will take a hit tomorrow with Amazons earrings disappointment. Going riding this weekend, cant wait! Eating kung pou chicken, pretty good.

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Answer: #1 plate or not, still Honda. Will sell every bike and everybody wants one whether they admit it or not. Always been that way and still is. Ride Ride. Truth is, all other bikes are just something to make you think you made the right choice only ... more »