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Beer league Hockey and TT racing a Mustang.
Added reply in a thread Old 22 rifle 12/28/2020 6:55 AM You can get parts here. I have a Model 4 rolling block.

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Gillette sensor3 disposable. They work good and last a long time. I used to use the track 2 and switched to these. They feel similar. I just order them on amazon.

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Thanks for that memory! I was there that day. I didn't see the crash but ran to the wall right after and saw the aftermath.

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Great, in So CA we already have these - tarantula hawk.

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On Monday in San Diego they were talking about reopening. On Wednesday all the San Diego news would talk about was the 15 new corona deaths in one day and we should not reopen anything. Making it seam like 15 people died in one day but read the actual ... more »

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The Pilots were awesome! I'm surprised they stopped making them.

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more like $2500

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I think they are doing a good job. I like having RC on there. Keep up the good work.

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That's a really good idea. Hope it works out for you.

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Please Santa! lol

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Merry Christmas Vital peeps!

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It might be a good idea for someone to build a 250f/electric kit. Something that would just bolt in. They already have them for mountain bikes.

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Nice bike! Did it come with a Green or Red sticker?

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Don't have time to follow hockey. Even NHL as I spend all my free time in a hockey rink. I have a 15yr old who plays on two teams and I play on two "burp" beer league teams. Sometimes I feel like I live at the rink but I love watching when I can. We ... more »

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And here in San Diego I've been trying to sell my 06 yz250f with about 15 hours total on it. Has its first set of new tires (original front was not even worn much, just cracked from sitting), still has the original crappy chain/sprockets lol. 50th anniversary ... more »

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With a time like that, he must be on PED's

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I think your band sounds great! Now I just need some beer and flip flops so I can pretend I'm not stuck at work.

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They need to put out and update so you can stop racing with someone, I don't like that your only option is to send another Challenge or close the game on your phone. Other than that I love this game. Also EZZA95B thanks for the free win. You just stopped ... more »