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Reply to Bench Racing - Oakland Night Show 1/15/2022 9:47 PM

They all stopped racing 5 laps ago

Reply to Bench Racing - Oakland Night Show 1/15/2022 9:25 PM

The big boy class gate drop is next. The 250 class means nothing in comparison. Ask Chad Reed if you disagree.

Reply to Bench Racing - Oakland Night Show 1/15/2022 9:08 PM

Not sure why Craig feels he accomplished something amazing at age 30 by winning a regional entry level race. It;s cool but nothing to hang your hat on.

Reply to Bench Racing - Oakland Night Show 1/15/2022 8:55 PM

It’s the plus 30 class now lol

Reply to Bench Racing - Oakland Night Show 1/15/2022 8:52 PM

Sure hope so with all the air time they give that family. Be embarrassing if they don’t win both regional entry level titles.

Reply to these tracks are horrible. 1/15/2022 8:40 PM

I think this track is awesome. Great dirt, moisture and layout. But i would be fine with the best 40 SX riders in the world racing around 2 barrels on a flat field.

Reply to Stankdogs Instagram post to Pulp 1/15/2022 8:33 PM

Hell yeah! Great instabanger from Stank! Pure burn to the industry “insiders” lol.

Reply to Audio and broadcast issues with supercross 1/15/2022 8:12 PM

Best audio in 15 years. The engine sound should be louder than the broadcasters. It’s a Motorsport not a talking sport.

Reply to Bench Racing - Oakland Night Show 1/15/2022 7:24 PM

We can hear the bikes at least. Went years without engine sounds so huge improvement in my book.

Reply to MXA graphics brand? 1/12/2022 1:05 PM

EVO made me a 1993 retro seat cover and graphics for my 2020 KX450. Great service, quality and price!

Reply to Race gas 1/10/2022 12:45 PM

Rmz250 at 14.2. 1? Straight Toluene for the win.

Reply to Bench Racing - Anaheim 1 Night Show 1/8/2022 9:23 PM

Per Chad Reed 250 class wins don’t count even if its a 19 round mxgp series. Crazy that a little 9 round sx 250 series means jack shit. Now a vet rider wins the opener. For fucks sakes its time for 1 pro class. Put the top 20 sx riders in the world on ... more »

Reply to Roczen Wife IG post 1/4/2022 8:14 PM

We all have to die. No difference if its this year or 30yrs later. What separates humans is honesty. Nothing worse than a liar. Ken is loaded with cash and can retire without working 50 years less than the average person in the usa. She did good.

Reply to Dear Monster Energy Kawasaki 11/8/2021 4:43 PM

Shit looked better 30 years ago to me lol

... more »
Reply to Lot of guys leaving Baker? 10/19/2021 6:09 PM

No shocker there. Bakers Factory is not for racers in the final year/twilight of their careers. Especially those with 20 years of injuries. I’ll be pulling for Zach and think he made the right decision for himself given his injuries.

Reply to VP110 & VHM Head/Insert for SX125/150?? 10/17/2021 12:55 PM

Been running VP110 in the can and 927 for years in my built 2 strokes when we can’t get C12. Pump is probably closer to 91 octane from evaporation and length of storage.

Reply to Green sticker/Red sticker explained. The future of dirt biking as we know it? 10/16/2021 4:54 PM

Feel for you guys out west that lost riding areas in your state. Cant really relate living in a state that has never had a single inch of public land for dirt bike use. Upside is we have nothing to lose since we never had anything.

Reply to Minneapolis covid requirements? 10/13/2021 7:31 PM

Vaccine, covid, and politics aside and off the table many fans are in the same boat as the OP. Zero reason to buy tickets in advance. That stadium won't sell out in February. It’s modern so no bad seats. We drive back and forth same day to save the $200/night ... more »

Reply to RMATV Once Again 10/4/2021 11:16 AM

It’s obvious there are specific states that fedex does not work for. Wisconsin is 10 days via fedex 3 states away. The question is why RMATV will not allow customers to select alternative shipping options for these pockets of fedex black holes?

Reply to American in MXGP 10/4/2021 11:07 AM

The mxgp riders make a great living. Tracks are real motocross not pussycrross watered and ripped. Travel is less mileage than the usa riders. The food is far better, non processed and real. Travel the planet for free. Zero downsides. It comes down to ... more »