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Shit looked better 30 years ago to me lol

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No shocker there. Bakers Factory is not for racers in the final year/twilight of their careers. Especially those with 20 years of injuries. I’ll be pulling for Zach and think he made the right decision for himself given his injuries.

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Been running VP110 in the can and 927 for years in my built 2 strokes when we can’t get C12. Pump is probably closer to 91 octane from evaporation and length of storage.

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Feel for you guys out west that lost riding areas in your state. Cant really relate living in a state that has never had a single inch of public land for dirt bike use. Upside is we have nothing to lose since we never had anything.

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Vaccine, covid, and politics aside and off the table many fans are in the same boat as the OP. Zero reason to buy tickets in advance. That stadium won't sell out in February. It’s modern so no bad seats. We drive back and forth same day to save the $200/night ... more »

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It’s obvious there are specific states that fedex does not work for. Wisconsin is 10 days via fedex 3 states away. The question is why RMATV will not allow customers to select alternative shipping options for these pockets of fedex black holes?

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The mxgp riders make a great living. Tracks are real motocross not pussycrross watered and ripped. Travel is less mileage than the usa riders. The food is far better, non processed and real. Travel the planet for free. Zero downsides. It comes down to ... more »

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Yes is all depends on your location now. If your order goes fedex through Chicago its 2 weeks from RMATV and they will not let you pay extra to ship UPS.

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That is only on small items that for me ship from Utah so 7-10 days. RMATV will only ship fedex for tires, helmets, etc. Actually anything RMATV ships to me via usps from Utah arrives 7 days earlier than from Kentucky even though its 1000+ miles further ... more »

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Great racing and drama today. Title battle stays tight. Can’t ask for more from a series in my book. Hope they keep the schedule the same next year. We don’t have a off season this way anymore lol.

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Your spot on that you are in a zone that works for buying from RMATV. Was a loyal customer for past 10 years and spent over $20,000 with them. Everything came in 3 days. Unfortunately they only ship fedex to my area. FedEx 3 day is now 13-16 days because ... more »

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Just feel lucky if you have a local dealership that can even order MX bikes. None of the local hon/kaw/yam/Suz dealers are even franchised for the mx line from the mcf’s. They don’t stock any mx bikes, parts, tires, riding gear, etc. Motocross is less ... more »

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They already charge full MSRP plus $500 set up and $350 shipping plus sales tax on the total. Even on a crf150. I’m scared to think what they would charge for any customizations lol.

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Agree. Shame there is no arenacross in the northern Midwest.

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I would return to racing every weekend if AMA district 16 eliminated 75% of the classes. Our riding season is 5 months tops. Most races are mudders. There has never been a pro from WI or even a LL top 10 in any class. Why follow the LL class structure ... more »

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Like all your posts you are 100% wrong again. Kawasaki for life. Fanboy of zero riders. Been a great year of racing even if Kawi wins nothing.

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EVO will replicate Kawasaki retro graphics for any model year. $275 for seat cover, 2 sets of numbers and 2 sets of graphics. Amazing people also.

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Best looking stock bikes ever. If you disagree you were not there when they hit the showrooms.

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As a super fan of the sport the MXoN is the best race of the year with or without team usa. Attend 2 or 3 and you will know why. That said Sexton, Webb and Hampshire can take top 5 overall. We don’t have to win. We just need to try.