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It is snowing very heavily in Minneapolis (for the 2nd year in a row when SX is in town) to the point that they are closing schools early. Thankfully it isn't as heavy as last years and it isn't on the day of the race.

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Tarz, come on buddy. You comment quit a bit and seem like a smart guy with logical and unique ideas. This is not one of them. E bike technology will only get smaller, more efficient, more affordable, and all around better as we go forward. If you can ... more »

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I do not understand the complaining. There were some people that got a 0 last week, even though they submitted picks. They now essentially do not "get" the drop round that everyone else who scored points does going forward. Those people have now used ... more »

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That would qualify someone to state their opinion on the commentators for supercross...eye roll. Ralph is clear and well spoken. He rarely, if ever, trips over his words and keeps the commentating going. Everyone here likes and follows the sport to the ... more »

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There is something to be said about not letting the competition know where you are injured. It wasn't long ago (and may still hold true) that if an opponent knew you had a hurt knee / ankle/ whatever they would aim for it in a turn. Also, if you are ... more »

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that was quite the test for the new duo right off the bat. It could have gone much worse.

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If I had the outdoor package for 18, am I correct in assuming I need to subscribe again now for supercross? It isn’t a full year from the last time I purchased (May 2018) , right?

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Ken Roczen is the rider we need. He is the only guy in the field that has looked to be "unbeatable" over multiple races in recent history. If Eli can keep it together and on two wheels we are in for a looong series of watching to see who races for 2nd. ... more »

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This is a big blow to the series as we all were looking forward to watching him race in and outdoors. It has been a long time since we have had a guy (& multi time champ) out for 18 months that also had the real potential to be a title threat. I ... more »

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This will be a great addition to the supercross races. I am guessing they will be going for a College GameDay - like feel, which is awesome! Steve and JT will be great at setting the stage and building some hype for the upcoming race. I am hoping that ... more »

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Eli will keep it all together and win a championship and he is absolutely the odds on favorite going into the year. I hate reading this "Eli lost focus" crap. He is on the absolute razors edge of traction, speed, and acceleration. Minor mishaps can result ... more »

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I am a huge fan of Matthes and the Pulp MX show. I thought the two hours of "rally is gnarly" "Oh my god, i can't believe how crazy it sounds" got to be a little long. I found myself wanting to pound the " I just wanna hear the motocross" button. Shorty ... more »

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I'd like to see a guy like Mitch give a kid from a northern part of the country a chance. One where the kid races and rides 6-8 months out of the year but is forced (by weather) to takes 4-5 months off as he is growing up. I think these kids that are ... more »

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I think it has been an exhibition race since its inception 20+ years ago.

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It's too bad there isn't a great way to enforce it but, how about enter at the nearest safe point you can / want... but you cannot take your bike out of 1st gear while off the track. I have a hard time with this because on one hand there needs to be ... more »

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How about "The Parents". I would guess that 95% of people got into this sport while still under their parents watch (and checkbook!) I'd also guess a high percentage have / had a parent that rode at one point. Also, what are you referring to with technology ... more »

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The mindset is that the start and the ensuing 5-6 laps are the most entertaining part of a race. Many times after the 22 minute the excitement factor has dwindled. Yes, there are a handful of times each summer that there is a late race charge, but more ... more »

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This is really too bad. Was there any truth to this being because of a racing incident?

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I think the point is that the fans of today want action now and constantly. The endurance that the sport requires is very high but that doesn't always equate to being entertaining to watch. There are lots of times where a late moto charge for a pass ... more »